Suitable for a Modern or Pulp campaign, most likely a supers. Maybe adapted as a golem or necromantic horror to fantasy game.

Aldo is a hulking steel and chrome Humanoid Robot, shaped a bit like a gorilla. His 'face' is blank except for two glowing red spots where eyes would be, and a line of leds where his mouth would be that flash when he speaks.

Aldo and the rest of his series were a product of an Evil Genius to protect his lair from police, army, and superheroic intrusion. Of course, they failed and the Evil Genius was arrested. All but Aldo was destroyed. Aldo had been sent out to pick up some supplies just before the invasion. He got lost and it took some time for him to find his way home (especially with the directive, don't get seen rattling around in his head). Very little was left of Aldo's home when he got back.

So Aldo cleaned things up, swept his friends up to the recycle bin, and guarded the place. After a while, he checked in the residence. The Evil Genius was not there, but the television was on (it had been on since he restored the power). Intrigued by the flashing lights he watched what was on (Sesame Street and some other childrens programming initially... then everything on cable eventually).

Aldo has a happy life. No Evil Genius to scream at him for being slow, incompetent, or clumsy. He can watch TV. Every now and again some local kids drop by to skate in the Dome of Terror (which he has not set above 2), play with him, and share their music.

Aldo is a tough combat robot, capable of giving your average super hero a run for his money, but not defeat them.

Roleplay Notes
Aldo is fairly gentle and likes to share (product of his early initial TV watching. One should shudder to think what would of happened had he watched other programs initially)

Aldo is not very bright (he was designed that way), but his AI is getting smarter with time.

He will protect his lair from all intrusions. He will protect all his new friends. He will protect himself from any danger. He will do so with a force that might seem a bit extreme, but he only has two modes... sentry (in which he might threaten people) and full bore combat.

Aldo would respect the Evil Genius should he return, but would not do 'bad things' for him. He has a concept of right and wrong, and knows that friends should share things. He might call the police to inform them the Evil Genius is here.

Plot Lines
The Evil Genius is loose, so check all the old lairs. Then encounter Aldo who is 'threatening' some kids in the Danger Room. It could be fun to have a six year old scream and run up to kick the super hero is threatening her friend.

ConEd is searching for the power drain on the grid and encounter Aldo defending the lair.

Some Big Time Criminals are searching for a kidnapped child that slipped away from them. They find Aldo. The Heroes follow the noise.

Aldo ventures out to the playground one morning at the urging of his friends. Imagine the chaos.

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