Local celebutant Ariel Kincaid, daughter to the business magnate Henrick Kincaid the coal baron, was seen last night at Club Zero in the Upper End of Van Buren City. The dashing vice president of Glitter Magazine and the steam engine behind it, she was seen in an elegant red sequin dress with a matching purse, heels, and a Tsabo gold and diamond necklace. Looks like red will be this year's black. Back to you in the Channel 9 Action-room

Ariel Kincaid is considered to be one of the most eligible up and coming young women in Van Buren City. She has sandy blonde hair, blue eyes, and at five foot seven and 130 pounds a very striking figure. She always has on the most popular and tasteful clothing, bleeding edge of fashion shoes and purses and a pair of designer sunglasses perched atop her head. She is seldom seen during the day, apparently spending most of the daylight hours running the magazine and resting. At night, she is hard to miss, attending clubs and parties, fashion shows, and photo shoots.

The Kincaid family has long been accustomed to wealth and privilege. The family roots go back to the original settlers who colonized the region, fighting off indians and laying the groundworks of what would eventually become Van Buren City. Most of the Kincaid fortune was amassed from coal mining and oil exploration off of the coast, creating a trust large enough that it would take generations to spend it all off. Ariel is the only child of the energy tycoon Henrick Kincaid, and the sole heir to the family inheritance and legacies. Growing up, Ariel's mother taught her the importance of the legacies, and that it was improper to speak of them, money or otherwise. There was always and air of mystery to what otherwise was, and her mother was incredibly protective of which boys were allowed to be around Ariel.

When she turned 13, Ariel learned what those other legacies were, the Kincaid family had for generations hosted a sleeping potency, a hidden factor that from time to time emerged to create a superhuman, a super hero. This power had skipped her parents, and indeed her grand parents as well. But her great-grandfather on her mother's side had been such a person, and had entrusted the secret of the family to be passed on so that it would not be forgotten. She attending home-schooling that included flying lessons and martial training as well as mathematics, reading, and writing. She learned to control her exponentionaly increasing strength while studying Romeo and Juliet and American history.

Brownstone College
After completing her home-schooling, Ariel was enrolled in Brownstone University, the home of the Fighting Bulldogs and the educational nexus of Van Buren. Her reception into higher education was not what she expected, instead of ivy league education she was tossed head first into sorority hazing, fraternity keggers, cramming for exams, binge drinking, and all the rest of the seedy side of higher education.

Ariel and several of her friends were violently accosted on their way to a Halloween party by a group of thugs and social miscreants. Rather than scream and run away, the somewhat intoxicated Ariel, dressed in a white and silver 'superhero' costume ended up trouncing the thugs, leaving them in trees, and generally beating the crap out of them. Much to her hung-over horror the next morning she discovered that most of the encounter had been witnessed and photographed. If not for the mask she was wearing and the ridiculous thigh high boots, cape, and other tongue-in-cheek accoutrements of her costume the entire city would know who and what she was.

A Cold Reception
'What were you thinking? You obviously weren't. Do you think this is a joke, do you think this is funny. you have a gift, and you should be ashamed of everything you've done. Drinking, and Lord knows what other drugs you might be trying, and I don't even want to think about you and those boys at the university. I remember what they were like in my day, I can only imagine what they are like now! And that costume, it's a slap in the face, it's terrible, next time just put on lingerie or fly around naked!'

Her parents, being of rather puritanical persuasion, were horrified to see the photos in the paper and the grainy video on the television news. Her mother was deeply ashamed of her, taking her legacy as nothing more than a joke or prank to be foisted off on the unsuspecting, and that she had no decency or modesty, flying around in such a skimpy outfit. Indeed, half of the campus could have looked up her skirt as she flitted around like some candle moth.

Ariel left home and spent two years traveling the country, back-packing and hitch-hiking across the US. The whole time, her parents were frightful, looking for their wayward daughter with their considerable resources. They discovered that money is not much of a match for an emotional and hormonal young woman with the ability to fly faster than most cars drive. During this sabbatical she discovered her two callings. One was in her blood to help people, the unfortunate and the injured and those in need of rescue, the other was her love for the variety and colors of an entire country. Once she left the shady boughs of the university and dour brick of the Kincaid estate she found a world of color and texture, sound and sights she had never seen.

Six-fifty for a combo meal, her stomach grumbled, three dollars in hand, she scowled. It would be easy to just take what she wanted, to pry open an ATM machine and loot it, or crack open a cash register. Ariel sighed, it would be wrong, and it went against every grain of her being. She cussed twice to herself and lifted off the ground to continue onward. The highway sigh below read Yuma, 50 miles. She could push and get there in about half an hour, but then she might be ready to eat an entire side of beef instead of just a sack of burgers.

While not taking her mother's advise to flying naked, Ariel did drastically change her 'costume' loosing the cape and the tassels and the other cheap flash. She kept the basic white unitard and thigh high boots and a white mask that covered the upper portion of her face. The items were easy to come by and with her build no one asked about the items when she had to replace them. She did a variety of jobs as she traveled, and only indulged her alternate persona, self-named Ultrablonde when she was especially stressed out or angry. After several fumbles and mistakes she found her foothold between being Ariel and being Ultrablonde, between needing a couple bucks to buy a soda and a combo meal and just punching through the vending machine.

Ariel would eventually return home, weathered and matured a good bit. Her mother sobbed and apologized for the fit she threw and her father chided her for being impulsive. They later showed her the scrap book they had put together in their hunt to find her, newspaper clippings of her exploits, interviews that invariably came when she didn't get away from a scene before the press showed up. Super or not, it's never easy for a mother to let go of their child.

Glitter and Ultrablonde
Ariel flipped open her day planner, the better part of the day was open, she didn't have anywhere to be until 7 that night. That left a good eight hours to do what she wanted. She slipped into her white unitard and fitted the mask, plenty of time to let off some steam before the meeting tonight with the Caesura board members and the teleconference call with Emily in Singapore. She tugged the back of the unitard out, wouldn't do for Ultrablonde to be seen with a wedgie. Fly now, business later.

Unlike most super heroes, Ariel has a night job, and is unnoticed during the day, no one expects to see her in the office. She is supposed to be out hob-knobbing and sleeping off the evening before. While this still happens, it is uncommon, the daylight belongs to Ultrablonde. While Spiderman bemoans the burden of being a hero, and Bruce Wayne struggles with his personal demons, Ariel considers herself the happiest when she is being a hero. She doesn't have to do it, but nothing tops the feeling of stopping a collapsing freeway from falling long enough to rescue a few dozen motorists and their families. It's being Ariel Kincaid that she finds a drag, the meetings with the magazine, and the social expectations, and the rest of the pandering and false sincerity that flows from the fashion world and the paparazzi.

Glitter is a popular fashion mag in Van Buren, much like Glamour or Cosmo, and as the VP, Ariel has social obligations and business obligations to attend. Ariel considers the various dresses and other fashion accessories she wears as her costume, and her white unitard as her real attire. While still loving the variety and color, she has since been buried in the shallowness of popular culture. Glitter readers are more interested in Hollywood sleaze, scandals, and celebrities than in what is generally considered serious matters.

Single White Female
'My mother wants to know when I'm going to get married and have kids.
'Don't forget the tabloids, they are itching to see who is going to carry you around on his arm.
'How can I forget.

Ariel, being a young and attractive single woman of considerable wealth and public prominence is constantly bombarded with what she calls The Great Question. The gist of the great question is marriage and children, who how many and how soon. While she has no great desire to become a settled down wife saddled with three kids and a mini-van, it might be nice to not spend every night alone.

Roleplaying Notes
Ultrablonde is my first attempt at making a supers character. She is not complete on her own and will have some supporting characters to be released as they are written. She has a few points worth noticing, the first is that she considers being normal most of the time to be a burden and wishes she could be Ultrablonde all of the time, but this is in contrast to the fact that dislike it or not, she is rather good at being a fashion consultant and working around deadlines at her job. The job is a bit of a ruse, as the Kincaid family owns the Glitter magazine, but she does in fact work there, it isn't a 'gimmie' job.

Ariel also has the social dilemmas faced by public figures and celebrities, while not an A-list celeb, she has made the cover of the tabloids a few times. Lies and rumors abound, both about her and about Ultrablonde, both of which set her teeth to grinding. She is interested in finding a steady boyfriend, but she has severe commitment issues at the moment. In an age of instant communication, internet sex tapes, and even the most innocent of events being portrayed in the most scandalous fashion possible, she is afraid of having a boyfriend discover her alternate identity and go public. She isn't afraid of loosing her anonymity, she is more concerned with the glaring headline of 'Ultrablonde's Sex Shocker', and lurid pictures.

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