For a modern or pulp supers game. However, it is adaptable to any genre or campaign. He could just be an enigma, empowered by gods, science, magic, or cosmic flux.

Human Mutate?/ Male/ 88 - seemingly 30ish
He is a classic homeless person: dirty, unkept, smelly, and clothing of an odd mix.

He was just another Joe. He had a tough life, but things finally went his way. He had a beautiful wife, a young kid, a new job, and a house in the country. He was doing everything for his new family.

In an instant, it was all over. One firery crash and they were gone. But, not Hank.

He walked out, unharmed. His clothing was burned away. Everyone else involved was dead. Or dying. They were still screaming on the bus as he walked out of the flames.

This was in 1950.

Since then, Hank has lived on the streets and off charity. He drinks when he can (to forget), but he is not too coherent even when he is sober. He is something of an urban legend. The car hits him, and the car breaks around him. He just shuffles on. He has been shuffling on, looking like a scruffy thirty year old, for the last fifty plus years.

Any Powers
Immunity to Sleep and Eat and Breathing (While he does sleep, he does not need to.)
Invunerable to most harm.
Unmovable (can not be knocked around)

Roleplay Notes
Eh? *mumble* 'LEAVE ME ALONE'.
The poor man lost everything when he gained his unwanted powers. He did not adjust well to the changes in his life. He does not understand what happened to him, nor does he want to. He just wants to die and join his family. And nothing will let him. So he thinks he is being punished by God or the Devil.

A superfight stumbles into Hank
A superfreak who kills homeless runs into Hank
Someone investigates the urban legend of Hank
Hanks witnesses something, and the heroes have to watch him.

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