Suitable for a Modern Game, supers or not

Fidgit is 5'5' tall, 130 lbs, blue eyes (with contacts), pale skin, with a short mop of cool-aid blue hair. Pixie-ish is the best way to describe her. Despite her hair, she tends to wear normal clothing for the job, so one can see her wearing a suit skirt and heels, jeans and a blue shirt, to a scuba suit.

History/ Life/ Explanation
Fidgit's father was a high ranking police officer. Fidgit had his keen mind, but not his imposing physique or his patience. Her hyperkinetic bodylanguage generated her nickname. To keep herself occupied, she turned to the computer. Falling in love with things technical, she easily became an expert. Exiting college in three years with a double degree of Electronic Engineering and Administration of Justice, she applied to the force to be part of their IT department.

After being tapped by various detective to help solve cases involving technology, the Chief had a new idea. Fidgit was put through the Academy and with her newly minted badge was assigned to the new Technical Crime Unit. This unit investigates any high tech crime and assists other units with computer related investigation issues. She needs to be with the Force for two years before she can be promoted to Lt - Inspector (department rules), her effective grade.

Roleplay Notes
Perky, Hyper, Curious, Tenacious.

A first class mind trapped in the apparent body of a 17 year old.

Always doing four things at once. Examples: Typing text into her wired PDA or computer, texting on the phone, listening to music on her IPOD, checking the GPS, running a CO2 detector, playing with lego robots, and so on.

Constantly has a cup of some liquid in her hand or near by: Coffee, Soda, Tea, Green Tea, Green Food Drinks, Iced Coffee. It will be in a closed lid travel mug or sports bottle most of the time.

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