For a Modern or Pulp Campaign, with or without supers

The Premiere Legal Office in the City, the 10 partners and horde of associates, form the most formidable legal operation in the city, if not the country. It is known for its ruthless prosecution and single minded hard hitting negotiation. Their defense attorneys are the bane of the local DA's office.

Like all high end offices, it follows the money. Its stable of clients have all the high end corporate clients and embassies you would expect. They like the challenge of exotic cases, so they will take 'interesting cases' on sliding scale (they never do probono, they will work for a single dollar though). Thus they will defend supervillians, work out super hero liable cases against the local press, work with the ACLU to protect mask laws, work with the INS for extraterrestrial citizenship and extradition, and things that would make a normal law firm turn away and run.

They are lawyers and they chucked their morals at the door. They are the most dangerous law firm in the city, if not the country, so do not cross them.

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