Human/ Male/ 40
Toby is non descript in appearance, brown hair, green eyesl, average complexion, slightly large nose, and out of shape/ over weight.

Some people follow Baseball and for others it is Hockey. These people know every player, manager, their statistics, and everything in the background. For Toby, it was SuperHeroes. Since he was young, he has followed every super beings' (hero and villian and neutral) exploits.

He knows all the supers' vital statistics (both confirmed and interpreted), he knows who they have fought and the outcome. He knows their every public power and all the rumors about their other ones. He can give you a case by case listing of their career, many of those cases are not public knowledge. He knows their toy contracts, modeling apperances, public appearances, and all their various legal issues. He has an archived collection of magazines and newspaper listings that cover everything about superbeings. He has traded information with other Fans and has actually talked with supers (trading their information for information he has).

He has actually gone to college and has a Degree in MetaHuman studies from UC Berkley. He has been on CNN a couple of times. He has recently been to both Washington and Ottawa for governmental hearings. While he has his public - official expert on supers - persona, most of the time he is just a slobby hyper fanboy nerd on the net.

None, except an exceptional memory and a good intuitive feel for what is real and what is just fluff.


Beyond the fringe Supers Fan community and being a contributor to SuperHype and The Taxometer's Journal (the current euphamism behind the Villian's Monthly), he has contacts with any number of super science types, metabiologist, zenobiologist, crytozoologist, law enforcement types, and the meta section of the ACLU. He knows everyone and most people know him (but few will admit it).


His archive is distributed around the net, should something happen to him, it will pop up everywhere. Also several heroes (and two nasty villians) have said they will HARM anyone who goes after Toby... after all he will fairly trade with everyone and does not know about or care about secret identities of living supers.

Roleplay Notes...
Most people talk to Toby via Email, so there is little you can provide in the way of roleplay (though he does occasionally hold information back, thus blackmailing the hero into revealing information).

If you talk with Toby, you will notice that when he is excited (and he is excited in the presence of supers), he will tend to salivates, so he will be sucking in air between his teeth a great deal. So that constant noise punctuates his conversations.

Plot Lines
If you need info, be prepared to give up some of your case files.

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