While geared for a modern or pulp campaign, adaptable in concept to any genre or setting

Spirit/ male(?)/30ish
Walker appears to be a young man in his late 20, early 30s. He is a light skinned african american male, with loose curly hair. He tends to wear a retro appearing suits, from the 20s to 40s and a hat. He is almost never without an instrument, usually a saxaphone

Walker was once a human in the Jazz period in San Francisco (which is where the term Jazz was coined and has a history with the music like New Orleans). He believed in the city and the spirit of the city. When he died, an old grungy miner type (The Goldsrush's spirit) escorted him around the city and explained his new job... as a city elemental... the spirit of the city.

He knows what is happening around the city. While he can effect emotions and feelings, he has little in the way of tangible powers. Just a probability control of what occurs inside the city.

How you might ask?

Imagine traffic against you, all the time. Imagine the city police driven to capture you. Every restaurant seems closed to you, or the service is crappy. Buildings dropping bricks or windows on the character. The Gas Main might explode, if you really piss him off.

Imagine people afraid of you, or liking you. Everyone in the city is part of it, and thus part of Walker's domain.

Roleplay Notes...
Walker is a laid back sort... a traditional musician. He like music and people enjoying themselves... even if it is rock and roll.

In fact if wasn't for the music, the 60s would not of been anchored in San Francisco. The Flower Children would of had no home (except maybe Berkeley). Walker made "FlowerChild" the elemental of the Haight Ashbury district.

He is noted for his acceptance of diversity.

There are other city elementals around, they are all based in their various neighborhoods.
Red Dragon for China Town.
The Banker: A stuffy 1890s robber barron.
The Exec: A female tech orriented executive type who exists around market st. She is always talking to someone on her headset cell phone.
The Fabulous: Castro and Polk's halloween party personified.
Hardass: Life is hard in Hunter's Point. The spirit of the place is harder still. He fuels the violence that makes the people "strong" there.

There are a couple of lesser ones in the city, each one protecting their own little turf, with Walker looking over the city.

Every city of note/ power has elementals. You will need to create them as you need them for your city.

Plot Lines
Something is subtly effecting the city, Walker asks you to check it.

Walker will actually visit with those who are mystically inclined. He may even talk to their friends.

Walker is often seen playing the Sax at the Bart Station downtown. He donates his money to homeless kids as he doesn't need it. In fact, the PCs might of seen him there before... heck they may even have given him money.

Walker is a sucker for music, so he will be present at any new concert. Mess with the music, and Walker will come down on you.

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