'Hi I'm Candi', she giggled in an almost musical voice.

Candi appears to be a pretty human girl in her mid 20s. Candi is actually an android created by the Dreaded Mech Master.

The Mech Master has some subtle plans from time to time, most of them revolve around mindcontrol devices or android imposters. Of course the heroes always stop the egotistical mech master and smash all his toys.

Well all but one. Candi's holding tube was blown out of the radius of destruction when the lair exploded. The jarring explosion activated her. She had all her basic programing, but none of her mission specifics. She existed, but had no purpose. (She was not a duplicate, but was going to be used as bait to lure certain targets). She straightened her dress, picked up her purse, and entered human society.

The early days were her using her appearance and 'human interface peripherals' to achieve money. This allowed her a nice place to store herself and her things and recharge. This would of be a great job if humans did not consider it illegal. After a time she had enough money to buy the elements of a new identity. She has drifted from job to job, trying to learn these new trades. She has been a receptionist, a sales girl for clothing and new cars, a waitress, an actress, and is now trying her hand at modelling. During this time she has been supplimenting her income as a high end escort (legal this time), so she has been seen on the arm of many an extremely rich gentleman.

Inhumanly strong and durrable.
Inhuman reflexes and speed.
A variety of computer databases and interface abilities (IR interfaces and Wireless network abilities)

Roleplay Notes
Candi will tell people she has Asmovian values, but really she does not. Her only goal is to continue to exist and will resort to anything to achieve that goal.

Candi acts like a bubbly party girl much of the time. However this is just a programmed masque. She can act in any way appropriate, taking on any persona needed. Underneith all the human acting masques is a cunning artificial intelligence.

Plot Lines
These vary depending upon when in Candi's life story you encounter her. She could be a serious suprise to a street level hero trying to stop some prostitution. She could be background to the characters if they are buying clothes or a car, or maybe she is the new stylish receptionist at work. They may even encounter her on the arm of a millionair that blows into town.

Her being visible in the media (lets say on the arm of the millionaire) will be her undoing. Mech Master escaped of course and realizes that one of his units is not doing what he told it to do... so he will send units to capture it so it can be reprogrammed. Of course the heroes will think the robots are after the millionaire or some other person there... rather than the pretty girl.

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