This codex is mostly a reminder for some of us to keep making these characters. It is easy to forget to make 'extras' and 'minor' characters. However, if you link this to your favorite's list, you will always remember to plug one in when you are here.

For a reminder -Our definitions:

Extra: These are members of the background that fill the world behind the player characters. They are needed to give versimilitude and life to the game world the players are passing through. Any Extra character would be either a typical character or a nearly typical (just different to stand out slightly) character. The players might have a line or two of dialog with them. If the extra is interesting, there might be more interaction with them, and the extra becomes the springboard for minor subplots in the game.

Extra-Horde: These are groups where a single character sheet and description defines (nearly) every member of the group. This would be for dockside bandits, Ninjas, pitchfork and torch wielding peasants, BlackMoor Barbarians Riders, or some other loose group of near identical people. Hordes are almost always antagonistic.

Minor Character: These are characters that are of minor importance in this chapter of the character's existance. They are either minor villians (important minions, lieutenants, monsters of some note), minor allies (supporting characters), or Color characters (the local headman, a healer, soothsayer, the troll beneith the bridge) The line between Minor Color Characters and Extras is a little fuzzy. It all depends upon the character's presentation to the players.

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