Gregory is a balding Formourian man in his early 50's. He wears respectable and stylish clothes, if a bit drab in colour. Gregory is a patch of grey in a sea of bright and multi-hued paint. The walls of the one-room shop are completely filled with art, with a few hanging from the ceiling, and lower-valued paintings leaning grouped against the walls on the floor.

His life was remarkable only for its uneventfulness. As the only child, he inherited the business from his father, and his father before him. Gregory is a confirmed batchelor, and does not socialise extensively. Other than a polite 'hello' in reply to familiar people in the area, he doesn't seem to have much of a life outside the shop. Uknown to most of the residents of Daggersford, Gregory's early teen years were spent with a rather rowdy bunch of other youths. Several of them went on to more exciting lives of crime (life at hard-labour for two of them), but Gregory instead would return to his parents and their art shop, where he remains to this day.

Special Equipment

Roleplaying Notes
Reply to most statements or questions with 'Huh, what?' while looking away, then reply. Do this even when you've been talking to them for several minutes. If someone shouts, get perturbed for a moment and state thay you hear just fine, then promptly forget the incidence ever occurred. Don't look directly at someone, unless they are directly talking to you. If they inquire about the art, look off at the (pantomimed) piece instead and focus on it exclusively. Rub the side of your head whenever someone asks you a question, or you are remembering a fact about a painting. Gregory isn't stupid, and isn't easily tricked. He always knows both the fair price, and what the value to the prospective owner is (sometimes much more, sometimes the same).

Fun facts:
* Gregory purchases from local artists only rarely. He prefers older pieces from established artists. The older, further away in origin, and more famous the artist, the better. Note that this means that one can sometimes find a painting by someone famous for other than their art—a large oil painting of a post-battle scene by a well-known Bizzannite general (and only an amature painter) hangs over his small desk.
* He is red-green colourblind, something that he never reveals, and even kept hidden from his parents.
* The small desk where he writes up bills-of-sale or other paperwork contains his money in a locked drawer. There are a few coins in a locked box inside the drawer, and more coins in a hidden bottom under that. The bulk of Gregory's monetary wealth, is in a false bottom under that. Most of his true wealth is in the paintings, however.
* Some of the paintings are stolen, and purchased from a fence (one of his childhood friends, but one he only sees now for business). These paintings are never well-known, and are always stolen from distant lands.

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