Chae is physically imposing, not only due to his strong arms broad shoulders, nor to his blades, but more to his confident stride, standing fully upright, and he never deviates his eyes from the path ahead—both litterally and figuratively. Chae prefers to go unarmoured, counting on his skills to keep him safe. Chae is a practitioner of the Quad-cut Style, and is never without his swords. He wears a simple short red robe, without trim. Chae refuses to follow the current trends among some Killian for peircings, or to hang baubles from their head frills. He wears no jewelry, and carries money only when he desires to purchase something.

As one of only three viable hatchings, Chae was much beloved—some might even say spoiled—by his parents. He was given the best that they could afford, and taught the arts of war from an early age, in hopes that he might someday be a great warrior like his great-grandmother. Chae considers himself fortunate that he serves a master who is unyeilding and decisive, and who makes quick decisions. He has been serving under Lord Kim for 10 years, and has no greater ambition than to continue to serve as a soldier/marine under her.

Special Equipment
Nothing more special than a full kit.

Roleplaying Notes
Do, don't think. Worrying is for those who can afford such luxuries. Instead, act out on your first impulse, and do so decisively. Always see things through to the end, even if (or especially if) it means your own death. Chae is very proud of his family, although he does not talk about them much. While his warriors' code teaches that he must consider his lord's honour above his family's, disrespect to his family or their honour is met with aggression. Chae is taciturn, and speaks only the minimum. If this means short, choppy sentences, or even one or two word answers, so be it.

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