Crunk is short and stocky, with short-cropped hair. He's physically unappealing, with numerous scars and a face pocked from a childhood illness. Crunk preferrs sleeveless shirts, and short pants, and usually goes barefoot especially when aboard ship.

Until signing on the Blue Raider, Crunk has never felt wanted. He's never met his Ogre father, and his Orckish mother never had time for the youngest of her seven children. As a Half-Orck, and a Runt as well, Crunk never fit in well with his clan's society. Desiring to get away and find his place in the world, Crunk became a crewman onboard a pirate ship working for the Scourge. However, he was still the lowest rung on the ladder, abeit a ladder with a higher chance for fatality. With the death of that leader, and the invasion of the Orckish Highlands, Crunk was now out of the only job he knew, and stranded in distant Byzant, with no home, no income, and he didn't even speak the language. Fate finally smiled on this miscreant, and he finally found work aboard the Blue Raider, captained by a Human woman who would take anyone willing to work hard and earn their place on the crew. With such a merit-based setup, Crunk was able to overcome his cultural limitations, and become an effective privateer and respected member of the crew.

Roleplaying notes:
Crunk is an obnoxious little Runt, and still very conscious of his Half-Orck status. When he's placed in charge of a detail, he becomes very brash. loud, and demanding. Crunk is a hard worker, and never questions an order... mumbles obsenities under his breath when he thinks no one can hear him, but never directly questions or refuses. When he is angry or frustrated, Crunk's voice rapidly rises from his normal almost-whispering growl to a high pitched whining tone. Due to a lifetime of being at the bottom of every pecking order, Crunk still flinches alot, but has not yet backed down from a fight—and won't as he still has to perpetually prove his courage to himself.

Special Equipment
If he had special equipment, he would not be part of the Horde.

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