Human/ male/ 40ish
He is a large man, tall and well muscled. 6'4' (193cms) and 280 stones/lbs (140kg). He is sun tanned, with dark deep set eyes and the sun has lightened his brown hair. His body is a quilting from all the scaring he has had. He has what has been called an honest face. Not handsom, but ruggedly good looking.

Rather than work in his father's glassworks, he signed for the Militia - the city forces. While not a commissioned officer, he has worked his way up the ranks and has recieved the last few for exceptional duty. He has stopped riots, captured bandits and smugglers, stopped attempts to topple Antioch's council, and riggings of guild elections. If it is something that needs being done, the Militia leader calls Archsoldier Marrious.

Currently, he is on the only true active duty: he and his immediate troops watch the gate of Antioch.

Special Equipment
None. He uses standard gear, better kept up for its age, but standard gear.

Roleplaying Notes
He is a working officer, he does (almost) everything his men do.

He is honest, plain speaking, and steadfast in his beliefs of honor and duty. His are high standards and he expects his men to strive for them, even while off duty.

Go watch an Early or Middle Career John Wayne Western to see this character in action.

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