Human/ Female/ 60s

Ardoscia is a retired herbalist that loves her small garden. She often wears flowery baggy dresses and a wide straw hat. Her hair is grey and the wrinkles are plentiful, but she always has that radiant smile that makes everyone adore her.

Ardoscia has had a good and long life. She is satisfied and friendly, often supplying her neighbours with tasty Sugarleaves or the headache removing Tenderstraw. She is the daughter of the ancient Sage known as Cassio the Wise and helps her father out now that he has become old and fragile. Cassio can always be found in the comfortable chair on Ardoscia's porch, sleeping soundly or mumbling to himself.

Special Equipment
There is rumor of many 'useful' potions she has from her more active days.

Roleplaying Notes
Ardoscia can be used when the PCs' need herbs. Most of her garden is dedicated to normal, everyday herbs, but she keeps a couple of special herbs as potted plants within the house. If anyone would be so despicable as to rob her, they will discover that the old woman is well loved, and her friends are plentiful and well armed.

-She smells like sweet flowers all the time. She use some flowers to concoct a special perfume.
-Her voice is mild and her laughter is always present. A warm, loving and gentle laughter, making you want to hear her laugh more often.
-The kids in the neighbourhood often knock on her door, asking to do favours for her. In return the kids get candy made of orange and lemon juice, rose flower water, caster sugar, cornstarch and other delicious ingredients.

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