Human, Male, 50 something
Of average height and build, his defining features are his huge lantern chin (which is always half shaven) and beady squinty eyes. He is known for 'the look', that look of a man who has seen too much death.

Like many young men trying to escape a guildsman life, he took to petty crime. While tough enough, he was not fast enough to escape the militia. Given a choice of joining the Militia or spending most of his life in the Gaol, he joined the militia. He was a born soldier, with a talent for combat and watch work (he finds it ironic that now he is catching the stupid kids who were doing what he was doing before joining up). He has seen some of the worst things possible in Antioch and has survived many of them by being under The Captain. Though his morals and conduct are sometimes suspect, he is the Captains Go-To guy for any dirty job.

Special Equipment
Standard Issue, plus a deck of cards and some dice.

Roleplaying Notes
'Been there, seen that.' and 'Can't believe this is happening to me.'

Grumbling about something, anything really.

He is cranky, cynical, and bitter. He often rolls his eyes at the Captain's moral high horse, yet he respects the man for his skills and grudgingly his honor.

He, like many men married to the Militia have given up his guild based last name and taken his new guild 'Militiaman'.

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