The Other 30s

Those other lists of 30


Not all of the 30 Lists have been NPCs, and thus have not benefitted from a splendid codex such as MoonHunter's the 30 Codex which puts all those lists of NPCs in one handy place. These other 30s have a wider base, ranging from 30 natural disasters, 30 thieves' plots, to collections of books and such.

To be admitted to this Codex, a submission must have 30 sub-entries and cannot be NPCs, those go to the other codex. This codex is for lists of 30 items, 30 locations, 30 plot ideas, and the like.



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Article Codex

30 Were-Creatures By: Murometz
Lifeforms • Third Kingdom • Any

Therianthropes? Lycanthropes? Animorphs? Homo-Zoological-Hybrid-Sapiens? Manimals? Take your pick.

30 Cheeses By: Magus of the Citadel
Items • Other • Non-Magical

Life is like a cheese, it starts off milk, then it curdles, and then it ages and you hope for the best.

30 Ships By: Murometz
Items • Transports • Non-Magical

30 unique ships, for those times when you need one on the fly. The class or type of each ship is provided. Included are three odd ones from the pages of history.

30 Villages By: Michael Jotne Slayer
Locations • City • Any

30 villages ready at the disposal of the Gamemaster.

30 Wizard Companions By: Michael Jotne Slayer
Lifeforms • Constructed • Any

Within this ancient tome are 30 companion spirits for wizards and their ilk.

30 Swords By: Scrasamax
Items • Melee Weapons • Magical

30 groups of magical swords

30 Bottles of Wine By: Magus of the Citadel
Items • Potion • Heroic

No nose, hardly any body, a terrible wine, really.

101+ Scenes in the Modern Western City By: MoonHunter
Locations • City • Any

Everytime you look at something in The City, there is something going on behind it. It is a moment caught in the tangles of time of some other persons life. It is those little moments that make The City seem so alive.

30 Beers By: Murometz
Articles • Campaign • Gaming - In General

Food of the gods.

30 More Limitations on Magic By: Scrasamax
Systems • Mystical • Defining

30 more limitations to the practise of magic, aka Why Everyone Cant be a Magic User

30 Limitations on Magic By: Cheka Man
Systems • Mystical • Defining

Why are most people not users of magic? Why does magic not rule the whole world? Because...

30 Campaign Starters By: Dossta
Plots • Coincidence • Encounter

Due to the nature of tabletop RPGs, a campaign will often start with a random group of strangers. Here are some ways to get them adventuring together, without resorting to the old Tavern trope.

30 Orcish Gifts (For Services Rendered) By: Pieh
Articles • Resource • Gaming - In General

30 Orcish Ornamentations of Outlandish Awesomeness and Some Ordinarily Uninteresting Objects Overcome with Ogreish Opulence!

30 Halfling Holidays By: axlerowes
Systems • Societal/ Cultural • Specific

Time is measured for most by the events that are both constant and special. "How many Christmas's ago was that?" It should be no different for Halflings.

30 Halfling Gifts (For Services Rendered) By: Murometz
Articles • Resource • Gaming - In General

Save/Help the Halflings! They offer rewards. Material and otherwise.

30+ Dwarven Gifts By: Cheka Man
Items • Other • Heroic

The Dwarves are often thought to be a greedy and miserly race, but there are times when they will give rewards to those who have genuinely earned them.

(OOC-I added the names of all those who did submissions but only mine has shown up, for some reason. The others are the following; axlerowes, Echomirage, Ancient Gamer ,Dossta , Pariah.)

30 Starship Air & Maintenance Duct Problems By: Silveressa
Articles • Resource • Gaming - In General

Cramped crawl spaces, virtually all starships have them, and usually most players ignore them. Unless a nasty alien gets loose inside the ship, even many Gms don't give them a second thought..

Here are 30 other issues that could require some crawl space access and provide an interesting sub plot.

30 Rods and Staves By: Murometz
Items • Wand/Staff/ Arcane • Magical

...and walking sticks, and crosiers, and goads, and scepters, but no wands!

30 Dragon-Related Plots and Encounters By: Dossta
Plots • Coincidence • Encounter

Dragons are truly awesome creatures. Too awesome in a lot of ways, really. Because of their power, their magnificence and their near-immortal lifespans, a GM might hesitate to include one in a campaign as anything other than an end boss. Here are 30 non-traditional ways to bring these wonderful beasts into your own campaign.

30 Things That Grow in a Dwarven Beard By: Dossta
Systems • Agriculture/ Husbandry • General

Dwarven beards are rich habitats for the enterprising critter.

30 Bardic Tales By: Silveressa
Items • Art and Music • Non-Magical

A collection of 30 bardic tales you may hear sung in the local tavern or empresses' court, complete with bardic verse excerpts from all 30 tales themselves.

Many of these tales can also be used as quick plug in adventures for Gm's looking for a side quest. (And let the players exploits be turned into the song by a near by bard perhaps?)

30 Dragon Flavours By: crucifiction
Lifeforms • Intelligent Species • Any

A list of thirty different dragon flavours, in no particular order, just waiting for your campaign to give them life. (although I really wanted to, you will find no 'Tandoori Dragon' or 'Barbecue Dragon' or 'Egg Salad Dragon' here. Not that kind of 'flavour')

Beachcombing 101 By: Murometz
Locations • Area • Water

Beachcombing and coast-hugging, fantasy style. Animal, mineral, and vegetable. Sea-Junk. Flotsam and jetsam. Encounters and other oddities.

30 Fountains of Youth By: Pieh
Locations • City • Any

"Are you crazy? There ain't no such thing. It's all fairy tales for the stupid and desperate. Even if it were, they all say it's cursed or something. Get back to work."

30 Divine Concepts By: Murometz
Systems • Societal/ Cultural • Defining

After Buddha died, his shadow was still shown for centuries in a cave—a tremendous, gruesome shadow. God is dead; but given the way of man, there may still be caves for thousands of years in which his shadow will be shown. And we—we still have to vanquish his shadow, too.

-Frederick Nietzsche

30+ Burial Customs By: valadaar
Articles • Campaign • Game Mastering

30+ Burial Customs for building cultures

30 Prophecies By: Mourngrymn
Articles • Resource • Game Mastering

"Prophecy today is hardly the romantic business that it used to be. The old tools of the trade, like the sword, the hair shirt, and the long fast in the wilderness, have given way to more contemporary, mundane instruments of doom --the book, the picket and the petition, the sit-in at City Hall."

- Jane Kramer

30 Tomes By: Murometz
Items • Books and Scrolls • Non-Magical

Hot off the Press! These are not your eldritch manuals or ancient folios of doom. These are random books, a GM can use whenever a PC reaches for a shelf, which usually happens when said GM is least expecting it. These can be found in most libraries, many private homes, and anywhere else one could expect to find a book. More than a few have some built-in plot hooklings as well, while others, like many books of our age, are plain drivel.

Talon Trails By: Strolen
Locations • TransWorld • Any

As long as any can remember, these certain paths allowed one to travel up to and over 20 extra miles a day by using them. One moment one was deep along a small trail, the next he would find himself 20 or more miles farther down the path without realizing it. All was fine until recently. Reports returned talking of the failure of these areas which revealed miles of ancient paths. The protection hiding them has finally failed. Will it release monsters of ages past or reveal magic of unknown worth?

The 30 By: MoonHunter
NPCs • Extras • Combative

The 30: The thirty miscellaneous people who are part of some group. These are drop and play personalities for a given group.

30 Manuscripts By: Scrasamax
Items • Books and Scrolls • Non-Magical

A collection of 30 scrolls, manuscripts, and codices sampled from the library of Atal, the Wise Councilor.

30 Curses By: valadaar
Articles • Campaign • Gaming - In General

30 Minor Curses

40 Thieves Guild Missions By: Nobody
Plots • Hired • Side-Quest

Missions for any campaign in any city of any realm. As long as crime exists, you will be able to use this submission.


30 Disasters! By: Scrasamax
Plots • Event • Encounter

What happens? Are you kidding me?

30 Horses By: Scrasamax
Lifeforms • Fauna • Any

God forbid that I should go to any Heaven where there are no horses.
- R. B. Cunninghame-Graham

Sorcery Springs Geyser Basin By: Cheka Man
Locations • Area • Swamp

The Sorcery Springs Geyser Basin is a place of bubbling magical water, as every individual spring or pool has it's own magical power. It is a place of great wonder and for the careless, great danger too.

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Thanks for bringing these to the light! Not the massive collection the other one is, but quite a bit more colorful, and I'm sure this will grow some more yet.

A deep and useless question plagues me now... is 30 the lucky number of the Citadel?

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Thirties, Thirties everywhere

over here and over there

on the ground and in the air

You've just found the thirties lair!

Thirty wolves and thirty bears

Thirty rabbits and thirty hares

Thirties make our eyes light up

Thirties pour forth from our cup

Thirties, Thirties all around

stack em, rack em, build a mound!

Thirty woman, thirty men

Thirty is the way of Zen!

Thirty tips for a thirties writer,

Post a thirty, you'll feel brighter!

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Why do we have this when we have the 30 freetext linking all of these, including the other things?

30 has evolved into a good benchmark number. It started with the 30 of (insert type). Then it started being used for other things. All in all, it is a good benchmark. Thirty parts make a good submissions list, 30 posts of a given type make a good "region" and such.

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because you came up with the 30 codex for NPCs before I did :D

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Nice. 5/5.


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Codexes are a strange beast. They have little content themselves, and rely on the strength of the subs they inspire. When a codex has inspired THIS many submissions and has been viewed this many times, it has really proven its worth. This is still one of my absolute favorite lists on the site -- both to read off of and to contribute to. Glad you made a home for all these disparate lists, Scras.