We have lists of 30 for nearly everything you can think of. Divine Concepts, Beers, Wine, Curses, and Cheese of all things. But one thing that I noticed, or lack there of, was a list of prophecies, portents, and predictions. All of which can be used in nearly every game setting to help with starting a plot, furthering a plot, bringing a group together, (Another 30 of Campaign Starters) and simply for GM torture of their players. Now I challenge each and everyone of you to create at least one prophecy to put up here.

What is a prophecy?

A prophecy is the message that has been communicated to a prophet which the prophet then communicates to others. Such messages typically involve divine inspiration, interpretation, or revelation of events to come. The concept of a prophecy is found throughout all of the world's religions. To a certain degree prophecy is an integral concept within any religion. The term has found deep usage in two of the world's largest religious groups.

This does not limit it to religions however. A mad prophet that lives as a hermit on the beach, or a seer that lives in a wooden shack a few miles out of town, or even just some random person walking down the street who suddenly stands erect and begins talking in a strange sumerian voice could all be a part of the prophecy making and or telling.

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Luxury shall spread across the land. Famine shall then return, and the inhabitants shall grieve for the desolation of their cities. In those days the wood of the forests shall burn, and acorns grow upon lime trees! The blue sea shall discharge itself through the seven mouths, and the river Isio shall burn for seven months! The waters life shall die in the heat thereof, and from them serpents will be born.

'The seas shall rise up in the twinkling of an eye, and the dust of the ancients shall be restored.'

From The History of the Kings of Britain, The Prophecies of Merlin by Geoffrey of Monmouth.

Religion shall be destroyed for a second time and the Six of the Black's descendants shall hold the scepter after it and a shower of blood shall fall from the Heavens. And those who are left alive will abandon their native soil and will sow their seeds in the fields of others.

The seed of the White Dragon shall be red with the blood of mothers and the sixth shall throw down the walls of the Oppressive. Between her jaws there will be found a bit which was forged of wild boar teeth and then He shall climb over the mountain summit to the shadow of the Hallowed Man.

The Dragon with wings will overwhelm the Dragon without and He will climb on the back of one, holding a sword in His claws, cleaving the head in twain. The wingless Dragon will fall into shadow but be reborn and fly again to cause havoc on the lands.

When upon the blood-given star a babe is birthed, the hundred skies will fall in shatters trappings. Leaves of green and envy will crash into the forgiven sun, and the Hydra-King sees all that he has lost when redemption is wasted through fearful filth.

In the year of sour grapes, a city will tumble and turn upon the gears of an abomination. At the final click, the seer will be given new eyes and peace begins to burn anew.

This is an interesting poem I wrote using every word in a Magnetic Poetry kit once each. It was written at a place called the Timber-White Lodge, and is therefor known as the Timberwhite Requiem - Enjoy:

Here I make Symbols only Angels could Investigate.

There is Color which Art must know.

I see the Wild Miasma or every electric purple, blue, white, green and black approach my studio from breaking smoke.

Ask the young ink to paint an old passion. Give it this dust and create a concrete masterpiece in soft, surreal, harmony.

Then, try to chisel your glorious monument we always would imagine.

A shimmering Shard of Neo-Joy as never observed in Life or Death.

Come, weld wood, and sculpt our water.

No canvas can capture my bold silhouette: an absurd Impression, but best for rhythm.

Say, See, think, and hear as deep form composes above original grace.

Picture who said, "Demand glass metal." and let harmony be at that.


In the final years of the reign of the Weeping King, the Phoenix shall rise once again to claim his inheritance. Much will be destroyed in the fires of his rebirth, and the unliving may be made whole again. But hark! That which is unborn may yet be altered through the choice of the Virgin, for the course of his flames are not yet set. Take heed, lest the fires of his passage consume the whole world.

Hark ye sinners and beware! Beware for the dragon shall come to visit judgement upon you all! Know him by the companions he keeps, for He who walks with the falcon, the serpent and the lion loves each and commands them all. Beware, beware, for the time of judgment is nigh!

When the Maiden comes to Ellishae, hands bound with a length of red cord, be mirthful and rejoice! For with Her sacrifice, the Plague of a Thousand Years shall be ended. Let the fires consume Her flesh and kindle new hope within the hearts of men, for the gods shall love this gift, and love the people who offer it in turn.

The Ancient Wyrm sleeps upon his bed of diamonds and breathes the scent of molten rock, as he lays within his deep, subterranean lair. Beware the Wyrm, for he awaits the day of freedom. When the constellations are swallowed up by sky fog and lightning; when the sun descends and does not rise again; when the silver moon shatters into a hundred crystal shards and rains death; when the red moon turns pale white, like bone; when the frothy seas retreat and fish are left behind to gasp their last; when all these things happen, then shall the Wyrm be released from his prison to bring reckoning to the sinful mortal men.

None shall face its terrible wrath, for the gods imprisoned it eons ago and it has been waiting, waiting to be unleashed upon the weakness that is mortal flesh.

Be saved now. Beg the Wyrm for mercy, plead with it, offer to help it cleanse the world, and it may pass you by when that day comes.

In the year of the Silver Thorn, on the vernal equinox, a tree shall sprout to full height in one day from a great rock, splitting it in twain. Mark that day, for it spells the beginning of the end of our great kingdom. A strong leader shall appear from humble beginnings, as though from nowhere, and bring strife into our lands. The kingdom shall be divided in civil war, and our greatness shall be forgotten

In the time of light there shall be born a great darkess not seen since the great eclipse. Soon after this darkness grows to cover the reckoning stone, spear of fire will rain from the sky and turn night into blinding day.