This list was all designed to be done at low levels. Some things may seem harder than others, but you should realize that the Guild can offer assistance in any mission. Easier missions can be made harder with a quick complication, or with a restriction on mission parameters.

For Example, you might not be allowed to kill anybody, or you might need to stage it to look like the thieves guild had no part in the event or even that somebody else was responsible. You can always make a mission harder by adding in that the enemy knows that you are coming or even that they have been tipped off to the exact time and date.

It should be noted that almost all of these can be accomplished without any actual fighting. These were designed to help out players who too far down on the food chain to fight through every mission.

Finally, you don\'t have to limit this list to use with a bunch of evil or lawless characters. In fact, even the shining Paladin can enjoy one of these great missions if you simply turn it around on him.

For example, the party might be the victims of number 17. Frame individual. The local authorities are investigation them for a crime, and now, they have to dodge the gaurds and other heroes while they find out who framed them and why, so they can prove their innocence.

If all else fails, you can always have a story like this running around the local news. If these missions all turn out to be just filler, then I can sleep well at night.

The List
40 Thieves Guild Missions

1. Steal Holy Relic From Temple
2. Rig Arena Battle
3. Steal contract
4. Stop Thug in Territory
5. Break contact out of prison
6. Poison/silence Contact inside prison
7. Smuggle package into city
8. Tail informant
9. Rig Trial Results
10. Sabotage Execution
11. Get leverage on powerful individual
12. Kidnap children or spouse
13. Sabotage Election
14. Vandalize Store
15. Relay Information
16. Steal back package or information
17. Frame individual
18. Betray party
19. Spike Alchemical Brew
20. Ruin Business Name
21. Deliver Package
22. Obtain Guild Dues
23. Obtain Borrowed Money
24. Map out location
25. Get important Key
26. Discern Hidden Identity
27. Pass training course
28. Obtain Business associate
29. Pedal Stolen Merchandise
30. Steal Wanted Posters
31. Start business front
32. Mislead Authorities
33. Steal Purses
34. Out-Steal Rival Thief
35. Get Building Blue-Prints
36. Set fire to Building
37. Sow dissention in group
38. Rob supply Wagon
39. Steal the Dingus
40. Kill target

The Summaries

40 Thieves Guild Missions

1. Steal Holy Relic From Temple - \'There is a holy relic in a temple or church. Your job is to steal it.\' It may or may not have high material value. It could be the whimsy of an avid collector, the subject of Guild retaliation, or the subject of a bet.

2. Rig Arena Battle - Any Thieve\'s Guild that doesn\'t have a hand in the Arena isn\'t doing it\'s job, and this time, they are backing a particular contestant. They could have been hired to rig the fight, or maybe they sponsored a contestant to win them a particularly valuable prize. Whatever the reason, you can bet that they are betting heavily on the outcome. Don\'t screw this one up.

3. Steal contract - Somebody has been contracted to do some work for a rival. Your job is to steal that contract so that we can fill it and put this guy out of business. More often than not, the Guild is hired to help out against the rival of a local business owner, but sometimes the Guild has a direct stake in the theft. The Contract should be unique and nearly impossible to duplicate to insure that another isn\'t just made for the rival. Order lists are the most frequent documentation, but this mission could apply to any number of documents.

4. Stop Thug in Territory - \'Somebody outside the Guild has been going around and demanding protection money in our territory. Protection that we are already offering. Rub them out.\' This could either be the work or a niave upstart, or that of a rival guild. If the latter, then this could turn into more of a diplomacy mission than anything else. The last thing anybody wants is a guild war.

5. Break contact out of prison - \'Your job is to break a \'guest\' of ours out of prison.\' This mission may have been contracted with the guild or the VIP may have valuable information for the Guild at a price. He may just be a valued member of the Guild.

6. Poison/silence Contact inside prison - The reasons why the Guild would want somebody on the inside rubbed out are nearly endless. Suffice it to say that there are more than enough reasons. The only question is whether you are already on the inside, or whether you have to get inside to do it. It might be simpler. Bribing a few guards can go a long way.

7. Smuggle package into city - \'We have a particularly important package that we need. The only problem is that the local authorities have been cracking down on smuggling and our last guy got nabbed.\' The package could be information, it could be drugs, it could be a person. It could be as small as a letter or as large as a caravan of illegal goods.

8. Tail informant - \'Somebody has some information that we want. Unfortunately for them, we don\'t feel like paying them for it. Find out who they are talking to, and how to get your hands on it.\'

9. Rig Trial Results - The reasons for rigging a trial are nearly endless. Mabe it\'s an investigation that needs to stay quiet. Maybe the Guild wants to frame somebody, maybe the Guild wants to keep somebody out of jail. The most important part about this mission is how a trial actually works in your system. Democracy isn\'t the only form of government, and your trial may want to reflect that.

10. Sabotage Execution - The Guild needs to postpone an execution. Your their man for the job. Maybe they need information from somebody before they die. Maybe they will use the extra time to spring him from the block. Maybe the Guild is simply sending a message to the community and the target doesn\'t matter.

11. Get leverage on powerful individual - \'We want to make a new \'friend\'. We need you to find out how we can do that. Find out anything you can about him that will make him make him more friendly.\' This could be somebody who has been causing the Guild trouble, or perhaps this is somebody that the Guild wants in their pocket.

12. Kidnap children or spouse - \'The term \'Leverage\' just doesn\'t cut it in this thieves\' Guild mission. You know what to do.\'

13. Sabotage Election - \'The Guild has been keeping their eye on a particular office. We don\'t want it going to just anybody.\' This mission might be to ensure the office goes to a sponsored or pocketed candidate, or possibly that it doesn\'t go to somebody who has proven particularly troublsome to the Guild. This isn\'t always a public office either. This might be ensuring a position within public office, but just as likely this could be securing an office inside another Guild, or even the Thieves\' Guild itself. Just remember that voting could very well happen behind closed doors between only a handfull of people.

14. Vandalize Store - \'Somebody forgot to pay their \'protection\' money. We don\'t wnat to stop future business dealings between them and us, we just want to remind them that we are still here.\'

15. Relay Information - This could be as simple as distributing a password to members of the Guild, or as complicated as memorizing (and destroying) a note in a dead drop location, and relaying it to a guarded source who is already being wathced heavily

16. Steal back package or information - \'A rival guild has taken something of ours. Get it back\' This could be a contract or ship list, a valuable item, or a running contest between guilds. Don\'t forget the possibility of lifting some valuable evidence in a bust.

17. Frame individual - \'Sometimes bad things happen to good people. This man was wrongfully accused of a crime. I mean, he did it, but it was wrong that he was accused of it.\' Your job is to cover up an incident and make it look like somebody else did it. The crime may have yet gone unreported, or the investigation might be well underway. Either way, the clues planted should make a big difference in the case.

18. Betray party - This could be a test of loyalty requiring that you betray an existing party, or it might be your job to take out one that already exists by joining on an adventure. Regardless, it is recommended that the party be strong enough that subterfuge must be used to play on people\'s suspiciouns of eachother to take them down.

19. Spike Alchemical Brew - Nothing wrecks a good potion like a good poisonous or addictive additive. This could be to ruin a rival alchemist\'s name, poison a specific person (while also hitting many others)or form narcotic addictions to recovering patients in a healing ward.

20. Ruin business name - \'In any line of work, reputation is everything. Ruin that and ruin them\'. This could be an intimidation tactic, an attempt at eliminating a rival business, or simply a hired job.

21. Deliver Package - \'We need you to get this to an important person. It might seem simple, but if it gets intercepted somehow, then things could go horribly wrong. Don\'t mess this up\' This could be as simple as putting a letter in a dead-drop lcation, or as complicated as getting it to a person in custody.

22. Obtain Guild Dues - \'We are going to give you a bit more freedom with this one. We don\'t care how you get our dues, but get them.\' This could be protection money, or it could be a Guild member who hasn\'t been paying his share to the Guild. The amount should always be small however.

23. Obtain Borrowed Money - Similar to Obtaining Guild Dues except that in this mission, the amount owed is substantially more. This could be a Gambling debt, somebody who has taken out a large business loan, or just somebody who has been consistently avoided attempts to collect guild dues for an extended period of time.

24. Map out location - \'We just need you to do a little light recon for this one. We can get in and out, but we need to know what to expect. That\'s where you come in.\' This could be the mapping of a dungeon, the mapping of a new building, or even the mapping out of catacombs or a vault. This may require several trips, but it doesn\'t need to be in secret.

25. Get important Key - \'This is our Key Vault. Here we store all the keys of the entire city. At least, every one that we have managed to aquire. As you can see, this space right here is empty\' The key could be locked up somewhere, or it could be stored on a person. Safes and vaults aren\'t the only things that the Guild might want access to either. Even if it isn\'t a specific mission, the PCs might find themselves rewarded for aquiring keys that the Guild doesn\'t already have.

26. Discern Hidden Identity - \'We have developed an interest in a certain individual. Unfortunately, we know nothing about him. Not even his real name. It\'s your job to find out who he is. We can work on exploiting him later\' This could be a revolutionary leader, a local hero, a mysterious guild leader, or simply an anonomous contact. The Guild may or may not have anything against them. The Guild just likes to keep their friends close and their enemies closer.

27. Pass training course - Although not the prefered method of testing a member (or potential member) it can be very good at testing the skills of a thief while eliminating the possiblility of cheating. Generally cheating is encouraged, but sometimes, like in the case of what could be an undercover detective, it comes in handy at showing the guild what is fact and what is fiction. Regardless, no training course should be without its set of traps, obstacles, and rival thieves to test your wits and skills.

28. Obtain Business associate - \'The Guild has been thinking about expanding into a new area. We are putting you in charge of making sure it happens\'. The Guild may or may not already have a person in mind. Regardless, this is a mostly diplomatic mission, although, other foms of persuasion are certainly options

29. Pedal Stolen Merchandise - \'The Guild specializes in trading \'exotic\' goods, and right now our inventory is getting a little full. We need you to offload some of our merchandise to make room for new stock, for a good price of course\'. The Guild may have a specific item that they are having trouble selling, or they might just have to many thieves and not enough vendors on the streets. Either way, some of the stuff being sold is inevitably hot, and closer inspection will reveal cold, but stolen merchandise as well.

30. Steal Wanted Posters - \'Somebody put up a bounty that we don\'t approve of. Until we can \'convince\' the right people that the bounty is fake, we need you to make sure that nobody else sees it.\'

31. Start business front - \'The Guild may specialize in underground activity, but we also have a lot of legitimate investments as well. Without those, there would be no underground activity\'. The Guild may sponser the business, paying for the purchase or rent of a building as well as initial stock and investments, for a majority cut of the money later. The Guild could also simply offer protection for the business on the condition that they are allowed to cook the books to balance out their other transactions.

32. Mislead Authorities - \'We don\'t like the way this is going to look if the Authorities look too deep into the matter. We have a large number of assets that could be confiscated, as well as some valuable members and assosciates that might be implicated. Throw the investigation off course.\' The investigation may not even have anything to do with the Guild, they could simply be getting caught in some much deserved crossfire

33. Steal Purses - This is really more of a fail-safe mission. Guild members can always go back to thier roots by cutting purses for some quick cash. Really, this can be applied to any number of general purpose theft.

34. Out-steal rival thief \'We are going to test you against another promising Guild Member. Bring back more valuable stuff than him, or forever live in his shadow.\' The more arrogant the rival thief is, the more players will want to win this one. Depending on his personality, the rival may or may not cheat. They could try to lock a door behind you to delay your progress, or simply take money from their own personal reserve to add to thier claim

35. Get Building Blue-Prints \'We need you to obtain the blue-prints for a \'potential business endeavor\'. We don\'t want a run-of-the-mill building layout either. We need the original architectural blueprints for this one, complete with any hidden locations or additional changes to the original structure.\' These could be stored in a city run office, or they could be held in a security vault.

36. Set fire to Building This could be an attempt to shut down a business, a stab at another Guild, an attempt to destroy valuable evidence in a building or even a murder.

37. Sow dissention in group We have been having a problem with a group of people. We can\'t outright kill them, so we want to split them up.\' This could be a group as small as a party, or as large as a nationwide organization. For whatever reason, the Guild can\'t just start choppong off leaders. This mission might take longer than normal, but the ability to forge signatures would be a very nice skill for a mission like this.

38. Rob supply Wagon You could be robbing the wagon in order to gain a specific item, or simply robbing it because it has a lot of valuable merchandise. It might aso be an indirect, and profitable attempt at shutting down a business owner.

39. Steal the dingus \'We have had our eye on a particularly valuable item for some time. So far you are the only person who is both skilled and reckless enough to go in after it.\' I left this till near the end because it is the most obvious thieves guild mission. But if I left it off, it really wouldn\'t be a thieves guild would it?

40. Kill target As the last mission listed, I can breath a sigh of relief. I think that this one is pretty self-explanatory. Good luck.

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