1. Tobacco. One pound of their finest tobacco, a prized blend of sun-dried, hill-grown, ochre-colored leaves, infused with the aroma of truffles.

2. Halfling Mail. A magical suit of Halfling chainmail. Only a handful number of these suits are made by the Halfling smiths each year. Fine mesh links, combining the sturdiness of dwarven mail, with an elven aesthetic. The human-sized version of the chainmail suit they offer the PCs is an even rarer version of this armor. The armor itself does not offer any magical defense or abilities in combat. The armor’s magic lies in the fact that to the wearer or owner, donned or doffed, the armor weighs 1/8th what it normally would. A great boon for armor wearing big people!

3. Magic Flower. A magical lily flower, that never wilts, even if untouched by the sun’s rays, and never watered. In fact it doesn’t even need soil to thrive. At all times, unless burned or frozen, this lovely flower will remain in a perpetual state of perfect bloom.

4. Magical Sack. A rucksack, moldy and moth-eaten in appearance. When any inanimate, non-magical object, pumpkin-sized or smaller and weighing twenty pounds or less is placed inside the sack, the sack magically transforms into a cloak to fit the wearer perfectly. The item will take on the shape of a plain, iron clasp. Any number of small objects can be placed inside, but no more than twenty pounds. Each additional object after the first, will transform into a decorative plain, iron stud, along the cloak’s edge. The powerful illusion lasts until the cloak is removed, at which time it will revert back into a moldy sack holding whatever objects were originally placed inside its confines.

5. Talon Trails. Because Halflings love to travel, and find ways to make travel faster and easier, they have a set of Talon Trails they give the PCs as well.

6. Skull Cup. An old drinking cup of halfling chieftains. Carved from the now-shined skull of a particularly cantankerous gnoll war-leader of yore. If anyone gets drunk, drinking from this bone-cup, they will become able to perfectly understand and communicate in the language of gnolls. This only works if the drinker is considerably inebriated, and only if the alcohol in question was drunk from the cup. While the fluency in the gnollish tongue achieved by the drinker is supreme, a state of drunkeness yet persists, while one is so enlightened.
7. Ring of Halfling Sight. An unadorned silver ring, when you put it on you feel as if you have shrunk a few feat. Despite your protests that you are now the size of a Hobbit, your allies assure you that you remain at your normal height. This ring gives you a Halfling's perspective of the world, which you are now seeing from the height of your navel.

8. Never-Ending Loaf of Bread. A Halfling gag gift. It is a two-foot-long loaf of crisp-crusted bread, with a soft and lightly buttery center. However, the ends of the loaf have been removed. Said to be able to feed a full-grown warrior for an entire day, they typically neglect to mention that they mean a Halfling Warrior.

9. Ale of Ye-Be-Ginger. A magical brew, a light and bubbly tonic. It is quite delicious, and the Halflings will urge you to drink your fill. After a few mugs or so, you will start to notice your scalp is itchy, and you may not notice that your hair has turned a complete reddish-orange and you have begun to sprout freckles.

10. Belt of Infinite Girth. Halflings don't like having to loosen their belts in the middle of a meal, so some genius created this magical pant-holder-upper. This small leather belt expands to fit the wearer and will remain ever-snug, and continue to hold your pants up, regardless of how much weight you gain or lose.

11. Portable Burrow. A three-foot-wide wooden door, painted a garish baby blue and light green. There is a brass knocker and a single metal hinge. When the hinge is screwed or nailed in place, the door will always open to an extra-dimensional space. The space is big enough fit ten full-grown humans side-by-side, but not even one height-wise.

12. A Song. The halfling bards are called upon to forge a song in the PCs honour. Many halflings are very fond of music and poetry. This race of "small folk" is known for writing poetry and composing songs through which they maintain a rich oral tradition. Grand tales of mythological adventure, pieces of ancient halfling history, and lore are all written about and sung and read, though the truths and myths have since been forgotten and none know what tales are based on actual occurrences and which merely sprung out of fantasy. The only thing is that the bards are enjoying a large barrel of ale while composing the song. The song grows more exaggerated as the halfling bards empty the barrel. The result is a song that starts out modest and ends in the PCs not only rescuing halflings from slavery, but saving the entire world as well.

13. Part of the Family. Family and ancestry has always been an important part of halfling culture, and most halflings find the topic of genetics and ancestry absolutely fascinating, and something they are indeed quite proud of. They enjoy, especially, telling others of their family history, putting the links of genetics and marriage together to date their bloodline back to the first halfling to ever come up with pipeweed. It is therefore a great honour when the Halfling Elders declare that the PCs will officially be entered into the family tree.

14. Storytelling. Old Tom Barumbar, most ancient of halflings is going to tell the story of The Beginning. It is indeed rare that outsiders, not to mention big-folk are allowed to hear this story. Only the eldest tells this tale. And with the death of the eldest it passed on to the next. Old Tom Barumbars face is wizened and weary, he is a very old halfling indeed; his forehead is deeply wrinkled and he has large bags under his eyes. He is bald and has white, excessively long eyebrows that reach down to his cheeks. A thin, white mustache also hangs down past his chin on either side of his mouth. But his eyes glow with deep knowledge and warmth.

"Where the Halflings Came From. Long, long ago, when the world was still young there were no halflings at all. (Amazed cries from the audience.) There were only the big folk, the pointed-eared, the snouted ones and a small folk as well. And this story goes about this small folk..."

15. Llama Rights. Rights to some Llama grazing land. The Halflings love their Llamas, the animals providing the halflings with milk, warm wool, and eventually meat. To the halflings the Llama is near sacred. They offer PCs several of the ungulates with a patch of grazing land to boot.

16. Magic Bolas. This primitive looking "weapon", basically leather balls on long rope, automatically entangles any target, dwarf-sized or smaller when hurled. Additionally, the bolas can multiply the number of its balls, anywhere from two to six, at the wielder's whim.

17. Weird, Rubbery Chewing Candy? The halflings have invented chewing gum, though few outside the community are aware of this fact. The PCs are the first to be given a batch of the sweet, saliva-inducing snack. It comes witha warning. Don't swallow! Will the PCs introduce this tasty novelty to the public at large, at the next Duke's feast?

18. Trained Owl. This large-eyed creature, of the spotted variety, is a perfectly trained avian companion. The bird's needs are few. A hood for day-time snoozing, and not much else. It catches its own food by night. While not trained to attack, the owl is otherwise helpful in every way to its new owner. Or as helpful as an owl can be, that is.

19. Ladle of Stirring A flexible black soup ladle, made of an unknown material. When whirled about it any repetitive fashion it will, upon release, continue the motion until grasped once more. The force required to stop the ladle is very little, mostly anything more than the resistance of thick broth will end its movement.

20. Aunt Hepperfuss' Secret Oatmeal Cookie Recipe The famed Halfling delicacy known as Aunt Hepperfuss' Oatmeal Cookies is a treat enjoyed by everyone that isn't allergic to oatmeal (But even they enjoy it, they just end up in too much pain to express the joy). The secret recipe is passed on to the PCs as a great reward. Your players might wonder what the heck good the relatively simple recipe it, but it has long been sought by the royal chefs in many kingdoms. Do you reveal the secret, and gain a one-time large monetary reward? Or live up to the Halfling's trust and use it only on special occasions?

21. Aunt Hepperfuss' Cookie Platter This magical yellow plate, of heavy ceramic material, will keep cookies warm for as long as they remain in contact with the tray. Aunt Hepperfuss has a few of these lying around that have become magical due to just how awesome her cookies taste.

22. A Truly Lucky Rabbit's Foot. A tiny mummified hare's foot, preserved with halfling know-how and a wee bit of magic. This little fetish is rarely given to strangers by the halflings. The hare's foot actually does bring "good luck" to the PC who leaves it dangling from his/her belt. GMs can use appropriate roll bonuses as they see fit, during times of stress.

23. Chili Judges. A position judging the annual chili cookoff. Halflings love a good meal, and what better excuse to gather the village together and party than a cooking competition? All the judges get a large jar of the prize-taking chili.

24. Halfling Racing Pony. The halflings present the PC with a pony from their stables. It is called Fortunate Stew and actually won a race yesteryear. Lilli Buckwater, a young halfling girl, has lovingly painted the mane pink and calls it "my little pony". She will be very dismayed when she discover that her pony has been gifted away.

25. Field Flower Circlet. The PCs are gifted with a circlet of flowers from the field, hand picked and made by the young halfling maids. According to halfling custom this honor is only bestowed upon great heroes or the man a halfling girl intends to marry, and the flower circlet gift is most certainly accompanied by a feast for heroes.

26. A Parcel of Land Being an earthy people close to the land, there are few greater gifts a halfling community can bestow than land itself. The land itself is a small parcel, certainly not enough to build a fortress, keep, or even a smallish tower on, but a person could have a comfortable home that has soil around it that is very fine for growing tobacco, lentils and potatoes, and carrots.

27. Halfling Truffles A delicacy among delicacies, these truffles are rooted from the roots that grow above halfling burrows. They are rare and hard to find, as the burrow in question must have been unoccupied for some time, but not so long that it collapses or fills with water or some other such mess. The truffles command a healthy price on the market, and are magically delicious when served in wine reduction sauces, or sliced paper thin over greens or pasta.

28. A Ring Fetched from the River Being curious by nature and frequently living in areas of river flood plains, it is not uncommon for halflings to find things that they would not be expected to have. The ring has a minor to moderate enchantment, and came from a burial mound that has been forgotten by man and eroded away by the river.

29. Man Servant While not prone to adventuring, the halflings are a study people, and they take friendship deadly serious. Another great boon that a hero can gain is a halfling man servant. A stout back-man, the halfling can keep leather oiled, armor polished, it good for sneaking about and nicking things, and perhaps best of all, has a nose for foraging and a hand for cooking. Rather than another night of iron rations, a good man servant has a pinch of salt in a pouch, a sling shot rabbit and some wild peas for a nice dinner. Not inn-fair food, but a far cry from unleavened bread, jerked meat, or another pound of salt cured fish.

30. A Book The Halflings love a good tale, and so as to not forget them, there are invariably halflings who pen down their stories, and their records and other such information. The books are made with care, illuminated texts that while often monochrome, are done with an attention to detail that would make an elfin scribe take note. The book may be a McGuffin, or a thing of personal value, or something that can be pawned off to the book buyers at the next big township.

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