In the land of Kolist near the city of Huwan there are little traveled hunting paths that very few know about. These paths have been used safely by the king’s most trusted as well as anybody else who may have stumbled on them. They have been there for an untold amount of time and have been used through recent memory. The importance of these trails lies in the nature of their magical properties. These certain paths allowed one to travel, instantly and safely, up to and over 20 extra miles a day, depending on the set of trails. One moment one was deep along a small trail, the next he would find himself 20 or more miles farther down the path without any obvious indications. These paths have always been stable and predictable and were named the Talon Trails after the ranger who first discovered them. Those that were magically attuned could exactly predict when the transition through the magic would take place by a slight discomfort. All was fine until recently. Reports came back that the magic is gone and a set of ancient, overgrown paths now fill the void that was once skipped. In many cases, the paths end into a fully overgrown forest.

These newly appeared, ancient trails have spurred a mystery in the area and, in some cases, seemed to have released some danger into the surrounding lands.


All the Talon Trail’s are actually homes of wizards of long past. The city of Huwan used to be central to a large area where wizards had permanent residence and studied together. The Talon Trail is actually just a result of powerful protection spells cast to hide their domains from the ignorant. Anywhere in the radius of the wizard’s home, regardless of the direction traveled, if one walked into the protection spell the person would be deposited on the entire opposite side of the wizard’s home which could span a diameter of five to fifty miles depending on their power. The quickness of the trail just turned into a convenient side effect of the protection that is now known as a Talon Trail.

Most(?) of the wizards are now long dead and the some magic is finally fading. Now that the magic is gone there can be any number of big nasties that were once encased in this wall of protection but are now free. These same walls that kept things out may very well have been keeping things in. The actual wizard’s home may still be encased in greater magic than their first wall of defense so it might be ages till their actual home will ever be revealed. Nobody may even know that their are wizard citadels revealed as they will continue to be hidden. Some may be able to deduce that more is hidden by finding smaller Talon Trails inside the original.

Scattered evidence somewhere within the protection will give an idea of what could be found; old ruins, small overgrown villages, hidden caves/tunnels, or obvious areas of old usage. There is great magic treasure and great danger to be found inside the broken spheres of protection for any brave enough to explore.


1)Hired to investigate the trail and the surrounding area to see if it is safe to use this trail at all.

2)A message is too important to wait and it needs to be delivered quickly. They are sent to deliver it with all possible speed and going through the old Talon Trails is still the fastest route.

3)Monsters have started terrorizing villages where nobody knew or had ever discovered a Talon Trail. The wizard that was there was a weaker one and had to resort to using monsters instead of more powerful magic to protect his inner sanctum. Maybe a villager or two know what it was but never told anybody. Now that they know what is in it perhaps opens up some investigation of the larger of the Talan Trails.

4)One of the wizards yet lives or one that has found lore of these places and the falling of the protection is something he has been waiting for. It is now a race between the elder wizard and the characters to find what was protected inside and to keep each other from getting there first.

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