This tavern (and minor inn) is not a seedy place, nor is it a fine place.

1 - The Barkeep
See 30 Barkeeps 2508

2 - The Bar Maid
Okay, she is not a maid any longer. She has been doing this for fifteen years and it shows. She can handle any crowd and she keeps the place in line. She is the only one that goes back to the kitchen for food. The Barkeep has an 'Old Nan' cooking in back. Nobody ever sees her.

3-6 Einne, Meannie, Minnie, and Moe
These are four friends fresh from their guild work (or fields depending on the location) who are spending their hard earned coins on some beer and fun. You might of seen them earlier today if you went purchasing things in town. They are sitting at the table/ benches near the fire. They are loud, but not too loud. They are coarse, but not too coarse. They are a fun bunch, and other fun people people can join them.

7-8 - The Magister and his Apprentice
He is a man of middling years and great administrative responsibilities for the town/ region. He is tall and something of a regal bearing. He looks like he has the weight of his shoulders. Frequently, he will be playing chess with the Old Priest.

The apprentice is a small mouse of a boy turned a man. He is non-discript and silent like a ninja. He is always carrying a bundle of books and scrolls.

9- Old Priest
His robes are quite rich, but beginning to show the years of age. He is a grey stooped man who has a gentle voice. Frequently he will be playing chess with the Magister.

10-11 Older Guilds Men
The Middling age men have a hard grim look about them. They are simply men whos livelihoods are being threatened by competition from nearby towns.

12-13 Travelling Nobles
The Sir is a young lesser noble of blue blood but little gold. He is dressed well, though not of the latest style. He might play the 'high noble slumming it', but really he can't afford much better and does not want to be seen by his peerage here.

The Knight is a unlanded knight who makes his living as a slightly pedigreed sellsword. The two fell in with each other a while back travelling the same direction. They have been companions ever since.

14 Lone Drinker
He is a deeply sullen man deep in his cups. His heart has been broken and he has yet to recover. His heart was broken six years ago by the way. He survives by doing odd jobs.

15-17 A farmer from not far away and his two sons
You can tell they are all related. They all have the same homely face, the same straw hair, and the same deep sunk eyes. Each is the spitting image of the other, at its appropriate age. On their way back from market.

18-20 Curly, Larry, and the other Moe
Three more locals are keeping to themselves. Not quite as loud or rowdy as Einne, Meannie, Minnie, and Moe. They are occasionally playing cards or dice. They seem more interested in becoming drunk than doing anything

21 Run Away
This is a youth on the run from his responsibilities elsewhere. He is hiding out around here. He could be a young noble dodging an arranged marriage or avoiding being sent to the priesthood. He could be a serf dodging his lord, or a vassal avoiding paying his taxes. It all depends on what you need. The guy seems nice enough and can be quite excitable and fun. However, he will often realized he might be noticed and retreat back into a shell.

22-24 People from far away
These people are speaking a language for a country over. They dress oddly too. Actually they are not travellers, they are locals. They live and work around these parts and get together every now and again here at the bar to talk about things in their mother tongue.

25-28 Pilgrims
These are people travelling to a Holy Place not too far from here. One is looking for healing, while the rest are looking either for a vacation or to clear their sins. They are not 'well to do', thus they are staying here.

29- The Third Man
This is not a seedy joint. There are no criminals here. There is a Third Man. He is the guy, who knows guys. He arranges meetings between people (who might be doing illegal things). He can also make arrangements for you to get items or work barters out.
Peterus He-Who-Knows-People or Dougilus Magicus are good Third Men.

30- The Minstrel with the Red Floppy Hat and Big Feather.
Let us face it, this guy is not a bard. He can carry a tune and is fairly competent player. He has no magic and will never play for a nobleman. He is not famous, but most of the locals will know of him. He has a vast knowledge of songs. If you talk to him, he is a nice enough fellow... though a little road weary. While he is not widely travelled, he does know the local region quite well, as he has a circuit of taverns and market days he plays. He is a good source of information about the local region.

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31- The Hider and the Seeker

A local woman is poking around the bar, nosing her way into

conversations to ask where her husband has gone. He's either hiding

upstairs with a 'companion', ducking his head down in a corner to keep

from being noticed, or being loud and rowdy with Eenie Meenie Miny and

Moe. If his wife finds him, expect a confrontation. For variation, make the Seeker a little girl who has been sent to find daddy and bring him home

from his cups.

32-34 Stanley, Charles and Henry

This is a group of local young rowdies who will flirt

outrageously with any female that walks into the bar, hooting and

hollering even if their advances are turned down. They haven't been

thrown out for harassment yet because their fathers are lesser nobles.

While generally harmless (if annoying), their antics can veer towards

the rough side if they get too much liquor in them. The barmaid is

familiar enough with their habits to both neatly skirt their questing

hands and space out the arrival of their ale to forestall this.

35- The Lucky Girl

Linda, the land baron's beautiful teenage daughter, often frequents this

tavern to gamble at cards with anyone who can withstand her legendary

luck. She's dressed well, riding the line between modest and immodest,

and will greet strangers that near her table with a delighted invitation

to play cards. An accomplished flirt, she disarms many men with her

childlike mannerisms.

36-37 The 'Not-so-innocent' Company

Suzie and Marlene are a couple of local 'companions' who have reached an

understanding with the barkeep. They will flirt coyly with the men here

and offer them 'some fun' in an upstairs room. The Seeker privately suspects that her husband is spending time with one of these 'trollops', and may start a cat-fight with them if she gets desperate enough.