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The gutbroiler is an exceptionally thick hafted and heavy bladed pike, the head peculiarly mounted to the haft in an ornate, cast iron setting. Quilted insulation is typically wrapped around the haft of the spear as well, thickening it even further.


Inspired by a soldier the warnings attached to the Steam Injector, the gutbroiler is a relatively simple mechanical device, powered primarily by the Steam Injector. Largely designed by trial and error within the man's unit, which included a blacksmith's son, it was quickly adopted by many of the few remaining dragoon cavalry units as a close combat weapon, primarily for the terror value.


Loaded by screwing a steam injector into the end of the haft, and closing the butt-cap of the spear over it, the pike acts as a direct conduit for the steam injector. When the pike is thrust into a body or solid object, the ornate fitting rocks backwards, pressing the button of the injector, and releasing the steam into the shaft, where it is promptly channeled outwards through small holes bored into the partially hollowed blade. This steam will continue to pour out until the haft is pulled back on, releasing the steam injector. Typically, only a few steam-enhanced attacks can be made from a single injector, however, the horrific broiling/exploding deaths of those attacked often inflict great fear on those who face it.

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