Full Item Description
A mellow and especially smooth rum imported from the savage Ogres of the Great Woses.

Buck-Ogre rum is distilled from sugar cane and molasses cut in the wilds of the Great Woses. The Ogres, while a nasty and brutish race have discovered the art of distilling, with rum and cane ale being popular drinks there. While the cane ale is sour enough to earn the appelation of Rot Gut, the rum is a different matter.

Buck-Ogre rum commands a healthy price on the open market since acquiring it is difficult. The Ogres can just as likely trade with the merchants as bash them over the head and take them home for the cook pots. No honor among Ogres, as the expression goes.

Inside the Barrel
There is a terrible secret contained in each 300 liter barrel of Buck-Ogre rum. The ogres have a secret ingredient when they make their special batches and that is to stuff a live and naked human into the barrel before sealing it. The ogres say this gives the rum a special taste and they find it amusing that the humans are willing to trade for the rum.

The Rum Merchants are some of the most callous and heartless folk in all of Falhath as they will supply the ogres with victims for the rum barrels, as well as buying, selling, and trading the rum knowing how it is made.

Plot Hooks
Hooked on the Taste - The PCs get a chance at some Buck-Ogre Rum and discover they like it. tunrabout comes when they decided to go and trade for it themselves and run afoul of A. the ogres, B. the Rum Merchants Guild, C. the conscience when they discover the secret.

40 men all lost at sea - The PCs are contracted by the Rum Merchant's Guild to serve as muscle for protecting a trade band. Can the PCs watch as humans are traded for barrels of rum and other goods? This can be a land or a sea voyage.

I can't make this up!

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