The Green Devil
This liquor has gone by a large number of names over the centuries since it was first discovered by the alchemist-brewers of the Zehin Ascendancy. Distilled from a highly poisonous plant found in boggy areas, the liquor itself is an almost iridescent green color that slowly bubbles when exposed to normal air. The bubbles themselves release a small cloud of purple vapor that lingers around the lip of the glass and is readily flammable. Consuming the liquor causes drunkeness quickly followed by hallucinations of varible intensity.

Hallucination Effects Table

1. Violent Nausea 1D6 damage
2. Unconscious 1D4 hours, intense dreams
3. Unconscious 1D6 hours, vivid nightmares
4. Euphoric high for 1D6 x 10 minutes
5. People appear as angels and demons
6. Moving objects leave trails behind them
7. Euphoric stupor for 1D4 hours
8. Transcendental stupor for 1D6 hours
9. Unable to comprehend spoken languages 1D4 hours
10. inanimate objects move and speak

Ancient Roots, Modern Leaves
During the time of the Ascendancy, the Green Devil was a sacred drink reserved for the Sorcerer-Priests and Witch-Priestesses. The hallucinations were considered to be a form of communion with the powers of the divine realm. After the fall of the Ascendancy, the next power would adopt the drink and name it Vassago's Spirits and it would remain popular among artists, decadenti, magi, and those of mixed blood (human and elemental, half-demons and the like). After the Nightmare War, the recipe was almost forgotten until a brewmaster in Soixane, near the Great Woses rediscovered the recipe, dedicating the first barrels cured to Saint Smaragdine before selling them.

Hazel's Brew
This brewer had the unique distinction of being one of the few female brewmasters in Falhath. Dame Hazel of Soixane found the recipe in a book of psalms and cocktail mixes dedicated to the Goddess of the Vine and found the required ingredients in the fens and bogs near the garrison of the township. Dame Hazel found her rediscovered drink to be very popular, even moreso than the questionable Buck-Ogre Rum that was commonly available or the locally produced rice beers. The soldiers who stood on the walls and fought ogres in the swamps very much enjoyed the euphoria often induced by the drink and eagerly bought it.

This in turn made Dame Hazel a rather wealthy woman in an area where wealth was hard to come by, and few women were well off, let alone wealthy. The Hazel Distillery operates almost constantly in Soixane, with the goods being shipped as far west as Aohd where it commands a ridiculous price. Having gained such wealth and independance, Hazel became something of a local magnate, donating money to various institutions on whims. The Soixane Cathedral was in large part financed by her efforts, as was the Healer's Hostel and a number of orphanages.

Controversy and Conflict
The reappearance of the Green Devil did not go unnoticed. The Witches of Zehin were quick to discover that the green one had returned and was now being called Green Keeley, after Dame Hazel's only daughter. The Ogres also noticed that the rum they tried to sell was becoming less valuable to the humans, and that the humans were foraging deeper into the Woses after the herbs needed to make the liquor. If this wasnt enough tension, a noblewoman from Tekne started a movement against the Green Devil and alcohol in general.

This culminated in a prohibition against liquor and alcohol not endorsed by the faith. Some entire regions quickly went dry as zealous churchfolk refused to endorse any alcoholic beverage. Others found themselves being extorted by the Faith, exacting a high tithe around 40% from those who sold or brewed alcohol. This ended with the Second Diet of Sangreal which removed these limitations over inability to equally enforce the restrictions and widespread corruption among cleric notaries and numeraries of the vine as the inspectors were named.

No Pardon for the Devil
Now exporting Soixane style rice beer and other goods, such as Zehini peppers and spices, Hazel retains a large portion of her wealth. The Green Devil remains prohibited by the faith which only increases its price and the underground demand for the increasingly haute-couture liquor. The drink is still easily found in the Soixane and Great Woses region, as well as in well connected and higher end taverns across Falhath. Hazel has started a second distillery in Suisiadh and is shipping the barrels of Green Devil made there to points west of Falhath and inland.

Plot Hooks
Seeing the Green Devil - The PCs discover a barrel of Green Devil in the loot of a recently defeated foe. Sampling the shimmering green liquor, they are knocked into a stupor for hours, or even days. Those who have a flame near the open container are treated to the sight of the Devil's Fire, the burning vapors of the drink.

Fear and Loathing - The PCs are given the Green Devil in a social setting and are left to stagger around drunk, hallucinating and paranoid.

Have Ax, Will Travel - The PCs come face to face with an ax-weilding berzerker who causes no small amount of suffering, injuries and even deaths. The axeman is a local knight of some reputation but a battle with a whole bottle of Green Devil has left him violent, drunk, and delusional, thinking that everyone around him is a half-demonic ogre ready to rape his own mother if he lets them live. A few hours later, if captured and not killed he is very remorseful and begs for punishment.

Keeley - The PCs are hired to guard a shipment of Green Devil leaving Soixane by ship or caravan. With this cargo of illegal booze is the boisterous and buxom daughter of Dame Hazel, Keeley. Energetic, the young woman will enjoin the PCs to play at games and sports with her, lavish attention on her, and if there happens to be a suitable PC (high Strength, moderate to high charisma/appearance) she will attempt to seduce.

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