A mongrel of human and ogre blood, Jindurn is a mountain of a man, standing nearly seven and a half feet tall and tipping the scales at an impressive 460 pounds. His hair is very long and covers his face and most of his shoulders, which suits him quite fine since he considers his appearance to be a source of pain for others. Looking into his face, his ogrish blood is unmistakeable in those glinting hard eyes, pock-marked skin and rough hewn features. Despite his great size, Jindurn is a placid beast and rarely speaks in anything louder than a stage whisper.

Unlike most of the other inmates at the Prison, Jindurn does not affect the general uniform of the others. Instead of either prison issue tattered tunics or the ragged scraps of old underclothes, Jindurn wears a rough woolen robe and tough hide breeches.

There are criminals, there are rank bastards, there are cold hearted murders, and then there was Jindurn. Swaggering and proud, this half ogre took a perverse pleasure in hunting his own half kin, of either blood. If the ogres came calling, he would help them capture humans for cook pots and for the their barrels of buck-ogre rum. Many a fair lass had their lifes snuffed in a barrel of steaming ogre spirits after being despoiled by the beast Jindurn. If for some reason the humans instead came calling for the mercenary half-ogre, he would charge into battle with his stone axes and warpaint.

But the high life of debauchery, gold, and slaughter could not last forever and after barreling up the daughter of the Lord of Soixane, Jindurn was caught. Somehow, the plucky princess survived her brutal ordeal of rape and attempted pickling to name her attacker as well as identify him to the hunters who eventually caught him. The trial was technically a farce, but rather than suffer the fate that many bellowed for, the half-ogre was instead sentenced to spend the rest of his years rotting in a cell.

The Caged Beast
The first decade of Jindurn's incarceration are considered some of the worst years of the Prison's history. A model prisoner for the worst of prisoners, Jindurn assaulted guards, wounded or even killed his cellmates, and spent more time in solitary confinement than any prisoner ever. He also received a record number of beatings by the guards, who as often got as badly as they gave. The Half-Ogre would howl for hours as he would have rather lost his life at the noose or the headsman's axe than to linger, forgotten in a cell, left only to dream of freedom forever beyond reach.

Tamrep and Jindurn
It is quite common for criminals to find religion in prison, especially when they are walking their last mile on the way to the noose or the chopping block. Jindurn happened to find a touch of religion himself, but from a very unlikely source, Tamrep, the Bastard God. Locked in solitary, a mass of bruises and bloody sores, Jindurn found his lowest point. Sitting alone in the dark with his pain he realized that all of the agony he had suffered for the last decade had been his own doing. He didn't have to fight the guards. He didn't have to fight his cellmates. He didn't have to kill those of his own blood. He didn't have to rape the women that he raped. It was all of his own free will. Sitting in the dark, he wept, knowing his fate to not have been a toy to a greater god, but something wrought and broken by his own hand, his own actions.

How Jindurn come to know of Tamrep is a secret that he will not disclose, no matter the persuasion used. In truth, weeping alone, Jindurn came very close to the pain suffered by the Bastard God himself and a connection was formed. being a nebulous and antagonistic god by nature, Tamrep has little in the way of organized clergy. When Jindurn emerged from the hole after his 21 day visit, he was a changed man. The guards were shocked by the transformation of the half-ogre. Instead of the brutal and ready to fight pit-dog they were used to, Jindurn emerged as a holy man, touched by a gad and filled with a sliver of the divine.

Now in most stories of wicked men touched by divinity, the walls are broken, innocents are massacred, and the histories weep at their passage. Instead, Jindurn walked away from that road and remained a docile and model prisoner. The half-ogre now plays the surprising role of convict-chaplain. There are few crimes that he has not committed, there are few men who have out done his wicked deeds. As such he is able to play the part of Tamrep's priest, tending to a flock of murderers, rapists, habitual thieves, and life long criminals. He offers not mercy, not forgiveness, not even divine vengeance; instead he offers acceptance.

Roleplaying Notes
Jindurn is a massive mountain of a man, covered with the tribal tattoos of the ogres, as well as the criss-crossed scars of the warden's whip, knife wounds, and the storied scars of a hardened criminal. Much of this is seemingly inconsequential in light of his now holy nature, the former beast has a mild aura of peace about him and has access to minor clerical spells. His most commonly used orisons involve minor healing, removing tattoos of alliegance to various thieves guilds and gangs, and conjuring pure water for drinking.

The guards treat Jindurn well now, the older guards remember what he once was, and after nearly another decade of being a holy man, they have accepted that the half-ogre isn't playing at a ruse. The younger guards steer clear of him, as their seniors have told them about Jindurn's temper and the stories of his early days. As a model prisoner, he only shares a cell with one other prisoner, but by his request, his cellmate is generally one of the most violent or disturbed of the new arrivals. He does this not to spread the word of Tamrep, but to limit the danger of the other prisoner to the other inmates and the guards.

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