It is not known how many Bone Stitchers exist, but it is known to be only a very small number, less than a dozen at the most. Each looks like a giant spider, perched stop ten multi-jointed legs, with six smaller appendages dangling under the blood wet carapace. Eight gleaming crystal eyes glare at creation, four on the bottom of the carapace, and four located in the front, and the sides of the upper surface.

The Bone-Stitcher can do one thing, it can physically enhance any living creature with greater strength, endurance and agility, increasing any physical stat with ease. The catch is that very few creatures, or wizards, survive the augmentation with their sanity intact. For some, this is pointless as their sanity was gone long before they cast the spell to summon the monstrosity up from the hellish realms.

Once summoned, the Bone Stitcher pounces like a hunting spider, stabbing the summoner through the soft part of the abdomen with a six inch long stinger. The summoner is near instantly paralysed, and made largely numb to the pain they are about to go through. Using its dangling limbs, the Stitcher chops open the summoner and begins the process of augmentation.

The simulacra siphons blood from the summoner and uses it to creature synthetic muscle mass, spinning the tissue out of spider-glands on its own abdomen. With the small limbs it snips out the old muscle, devouring it, while spinning out new to take the old's place. The summoner is subjected to the horror of watching their own bodies being pinioned open and eaten.

Stamina and endurance are increased in an equally disturbing manner. The Stitcher removes their bones, one at a time, and licks them clean before secreting a foul substance onto the bone, strengthening it. THe bone is then reinserted into the body while new muscle and tendons are spun out obscenely. The whole time, the Stitcher makes small clicking and gurgling sounds that sometimes sound like laughter.

One the augmentation is complete, the Stitcher then secrets tendrils of spiderfine silk and uses them to sew the savaged flesh back together. If bargained with, a stitcher can be induced to add very unnatural augmentations such as plates of bone under the skin, additional limbs, and the like. The summoner should have another victim on hand to provide the donor material, unless he is very foolish, and then he deserves to be eaten alive for bothering the Stitcher.

Nothing touched by a Stitcher ever looks better. The cutting and sewing, while never life threatening, are vicious to the point of savage mutilation. Those enhance by the Stitcher are turned into Frankensteinian horrors of patchworks of their own skin.

It cannot make you smarter, if it eats the brain...the PC or NPC dies...permanently.

Plot Hooks
Stop that Madman - An evil wizard is summoning the Bone-Stitcher to create a cadre of elite monster soldiers brainwashed into being his utter slaves. The PCs must defeat the evil minions, confront the wizard, and possibly face the Bone-Stitcher.

I'm not a Madman, I'm a Genius - A PC (Munchkin) discovers the spell to summon the Bone-Stitcher, and gets the strength he wants, but ends up uglier than three-day old road-kill. He must then defend himself from others who recognize him as an evil minion!!!

Unhand those Villagers! - The evil wizard has abducted an entire village and is using a Bone-Stitcher to turn the entre village into one giant shambling monster, bound to his will!

No More Evil Cheerios

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Abaseth the Tailor:

A larger and more intelligent specimen of bone stitcher, Abaseth is capable of speech, although he is a quiet individual. Obsessed with his work of improving his work constantly, Abaseth refuses to discuss anything that does not involve subjects of his work, or potential subjects to improve.

Abaseth is in the employ of a powerful demon who uses him to augment his troops. Many fear Abaseth and his techniques, although they are the source of great success for his employer.

'Bones. Long. Lacking muscle. Can fix that. Will fix that. Stay still. No scream. Stronger after.'