A jade amulet with the shape of a spider cut into it. Eight small black opals dot its head as eyes. Each leg connects to the outer circle and the cord it hangs from is covered with small lacquered leg bones of some small creature.


The purpose of this amulet is to provide healing, though of a more painful form than typically seen with magical cures. It was created by the fell Order of the Black Web, an Arachnophiliac cult who worship a pantheon of spider gods, godlings and demons.

It functions through the summoning of Lesser Bonestitchers, which it is capable of doing 7 times daily, either individually or as groups. Each Stitcher is capable of restoring very severe, even life-threatening injuries, but there is risk involved. At the very least, anyone cured in such a manner will acquire some bad scars to both their bodies and minds - seeThe Bone Stitcher for details on how they generally function. Occasionally they may arrive hungry, and some efforts should be made to have food on hand for them. Otherwise they will turn hostile and attempt to consume their 'patients'.

Die Roll (2d6) Result
2 Two Lesser BoneStitchers arrive, though only count as 1 use.
3-11 Normal Operation
12+ Lesser BoneStitcher arrives hungry. Requires 10lbs of live or recently deceased meat.

The Lesser Bonestitchers will repair one patient not actively moving within 10' of the amulet. They are able to restore up to critical injuries, or reattach a single limb, the operation taking 1d6 minutes. If called upon to restore a dead patient, or if the patient somehow dies during the operation, they will continue to work. The patient will not be restored to life, but will instead become some form of hostile undead commensurate with their original power. This undead will be under no special control by the amulet bearer.

Patients are stabilized immediately when the spiders begin work.

The cult members hold these amulets in high esteem, and have their moral boosted immensely when the Bonestitchers (Lesser or full) are nearby. Some groups will use these as part of their regular ceremonies, and members will voluntarily injure themselves should no natural injuries require the Stitchers attention. Being consumed by these things is considered a great honor by some as well.

The Amulet can also, if splashed with some intelligent being's life blood, summon a full Bone Stitcher, though this ability is limited to once a month.


Upon discovery of the Bonestitchers, through congress with other Arachnid Powers, the Cult sought out a means to better make use of them. Further scrying, research and diabolic interrogation led them to Gyatharmar, a massive scorpion-like demon with a penchant for constructing various horrors and dark devices. In return for the cult adding him to their pantheon, he produces lesser bonestitchers in his infernal realm. The cult's wizards produce the amulets, though at quite a slow rate as the sacrifices demanded are ..onerous. As a result, only the highest ranking members bear these and the cult will make extreme efforts to retrieve any lost.

The lesser bonestitchers have no direct relation with the Bonestitchers, as their origins are unknown, and Gyatharmar claims no such knowledge.

Lesser Bonestitchers:

A lesser Bonestitcher is the product of a pact between the Cult and the demonic power Gyatharmar. This demonic tinker builds these lesser bonestitchers somewhat in mockery of the greater ones. They are quite small, perhaps the size of a bucket, but each mandible and limb is scalpal sharp, and infernally durable. They are very good at mechanically repairing most injuries.

If in combat, they are fearless and will attempt to leap onto their opponents head to cut into the brain. They can be grabbed and thrown (though likely while inflicting grievous injury), but nothing but magic or intense fire can harm them. They are destroyed permanently either on our realm or in the infernal realms.

Optional Complications:

1. The food on hand must be a live, aware creature of some form.

2. The hole in reality the amulet opens gives a possibility something else could step into our realm.

3. Gyatharmar may notice and either act himself (unlikely) or at least communicate the location to the Cult.

4. If the lesser bonestitcher is damaged during the operation (i.e., it was called upon during an active battle) that particular one will never return, removing one of the daily usage slots.

5. Each successive use on a given day adds 1 to the roll on the table.

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