Not all magic items are designed for Adventurers. On worlds with even moderate amounts of magic, it is inevitable that the magic arts be applied to the disagreements between nations. This is doublely so for those worlds where magic is widespread and powerful.

This is a listing of items, great and small, who are designed with Warmaking in mind.

Please feel free to add additional items.

Applicable Stubs:
Cauldron of the Cold Camp

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Pike of the Hedgehog

The pike of the hedgehoge appears as long, bronze-tipped spear of ancient design. A short spike has been fitted to the butt end of the weapon and numerous bronze-inlaid runes run the length of the shaft.

Magical Properties

When base of the weapons is thrust into the ground, a ring of pikes (10' radius inside the pikes) will appear around the user. The pikes appear in 3 layers, similar to a phalanx, but are 360 degrees around the user.

The pikes extend 10' from the ground and so the total area forms a 40' diameter circle. It takes about 10 seconds for the phalanx to form.

If more then one such pike is used, the rings will merge, allowing a larger protected area. Each Pike provides about 60 linear feet of pikes.

The pikes will not thrust but will move to block any attempt to penetrate the ring. An attacker would need to destroy a large number of the pikes to be able to bypass them.

They provide no defence to the user against missle attacks, but could devastate a charging opponent.

The Bronze Falcon

This animated bronze falcon was designed to protect officers and magi against stray arrows.

It will fly near the individuals it is ordered to protect and will attempt to either snatch or block with its body, missile weapons directed against it's charges.

It is unsuitable for underground/indoor use unless the room in question is very large indeed. The falcon is quite manuverable, but in close proximity to walls/ceilings its capability is greatly reduced.

It is very tough and should be able to parry/block many missiles before being knocked out of commission.

Fortress Bricks

These small bricks appear as small stone blocks 8' inches long, 2' wide and 3' high.

Magical Properties

When a command is given (generally enscribed on the top of the block), it will increase in size up to 4' long, 1' wide and 18' high. If it encounters solid material (including flesh) while expanding, it will cease expanding in that direction. Where they touch stone, they will meld into it. The expansion is actually a restoration of their original size, and so cannot be reversed (except via the magical process that created the small verisons in the first place).

These bricks were originally intended for use to build field fortifications and bridges, as well as to repair stonework. They found that these stones were used for many other purposes, including:

1. Being dropped from castle walls (and flying mounts) onto enemies - the command to expand given prior to impact.

2. Walling in enemies (Ala. A Casque of Amontillado)

3. Booby trap contruction (much easier to create deadfall traps)

4. Capsizing ships (An infiltrator could bring a number onboard and unbalance the ship once expanded)

5. Choking large monsters (Thrown into the monsters mouth before activation. It will stop expanding when it hits the sides of the throat,but has a good chance of choking the affected monster.


Perhaps one of the simplest items of magic in the Armory, the snaplink is a small, ensorcelled metal ring which, upon command, will spring open. Another command will cause the link to close once again.

The ring can hold at least a ton of weight before it will sunder and be destroyed.

The link, being so simple, can be used for many purposes, for example:

1. Quick release systems for securing cargo on wagons.

2. Booby traps (of course)

3. Quick release of armor or other pieces of equipment.

4. Locks (so long as command words are kept secure)

5. Binding prisoners with normal chains held together by these links.