Full Item Description
A full suit of spiked plate armor with a dull gray sheen to it. It has rear and front facing horizontal poles near the neck, under the arms and along the waist that extent about 6 inches on each side. These make it difficult to fight in but prove useful if the battle turn desperate.

Forged for war, these suits of armor were. They did their job well, for many men have lost their lives in them. About 25 suits are known to exist and are often sought after by collectors of such things.

Each set of armor was crafted during a great war where many unskilled young men were sent to fight for their country. The most ferocious of these men were given the Last Armor they would ever wear. The war was won, but lives were lost. Some call these suits of armor sick and twisted machines of an evil kingdom. Others understand their need. It's up to you to decide for yourself if these were born of madness or a desperate mind.

Magic/Cursed Properties
When the battle is looking bad and the wearer of this armor is close to death the spikes turn inward and the 6 poles fasten the warrior to the earth, and when every last drop of his blood has drained he will fight some more. He will not be able to move but will not be able to die either, even if severely maimed. He will continue to fight, lashing out at any enemy within reach until there is nothing left to fight, and they live on for another 5 minutes before dying and not being able to be raised.

A warrior killed in this armor enters a state known as a Death Rage where he cannot die but seems to gain an unnatural reach, strength, ferocity, and general toughness. Unfortunately the poles on the armor bind him to the earth, only letting go after all his enemies have been defeated.

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