During the Zamarkian War, things were not going well in the Kingdom of Sur. The king had called every available citizen who was not a soldier to help in the home-front war effort. One man, a clothier named Yasya Mahn, had been assigned, with his wife, to a battleground medical tent, helping victims of the brutal combat.
Yasya and his wife were oftened completely overwhelmed with wounded. Sliced and diced men would pour in through the tent-flaps, and Yasya could not handle them all. While he helped some men, others died of blood loss, and he could not help them.
Yasya eventually became fed up with this. He conceived an idea from seeing the makeshift tourniquets that some soldiers fashioned for themselves. As he was a clothier in his civilian proffession, he decided that he could, with the aid of magic, create a garment with a similar function.
During a lull in combat, Yasya roused himself from his tent and went over to the mercenary section of the army camp. He searched and searched until he found a wizard of some skill, named Boteck. He presented Boteck with his ideas, and the wizard immediately saw the wisdom in the idea.
So the two set out on their task, crafting at nights, during lulls in combat, at any moment they could spare.
Finally, every soldier in the camp was girded in their splendid new tunics, and, lo and behold, the medical folk were less hurried, more relaxed. Warriors' wounds were less urgent. Stress reduced, healing mounted. In this way, the war was won.

Examples of the original Tourniquet Tunic are few today, as time and wear have reduced their number. Most Tourniquet Tunics are tattered silken tunics in black and green (The colors of the Kingdom of Sur), with red hems. Many kingdoms, however, do manufacture their own Tourniquet Tunics.

Magical Properties:

The Tourniquet Tunic is a boon to any warrior.
The sleeves of said Tunic are singularly, enchanted, so that when they sense the spurting of blood, they tighten greatly above the wound, forming a tourniquet and cutting off blood loss. If the wound is less severe, the tunic will exert more gentle pressure.

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