Full Item Description
This creation of the Paradoxian Crafters Hall is designed to help recover lost or dropped items, or to allow items to be summoned. Each item must be activated by the character by bathing it in blood. The item is affixed to the object and may then be summoned to the users hand.

Several game systems include a disarm function somewhere in their combat rules. PCH magicians on Tosa created these items to aid in the sudden world wide rash of clumsiness.

Magic/Cursed Properties
The style of band depends on the item. For arrows they are paper thin wraps placed on the shaft of the arrow, near the fletching. For hand held weapons the bands are thin leather fobs. Dropped weapons, disarmed ones, or thrown ones, can be called back to hand ready to be reused.
The band is coated in blood of the owner then affixed in various ways to the item. It is then cleaned off by pure water. This activates the magic. Once covered in water the band permanently affixes to the item. After the arrow is fired the character can call it back to their hand. The item arrives fletch to hand. It is important that the band be placed in an area when the returning item wont injure the user.
An item so prepared can be called to the owners hand from as far away as a quarter mile. The item can not be called from closed bags, or from behind shut doors.

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