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This magical device appears as a simple, large cauldron sufficient to prepare several gallons of food.


Produced to assist armies in the field, Grand Emperor Xaric IIIrd commissioned dozens of these cauldrons to be issued to his most elite units. While not overpowering, these items greatly contributed to the units comfort level during their many forced marches. Unit cooks were able to provide quick meals without having to forage for fuel and took less time to cook. The cauldrons were taken as spoil and dispersed after the emperors elite forces fell in his third and final campaign.

Magic/Cursed Properties

This cauldron will cook non-living foodstuffs quickly and without generating light or heat. Each minute of 'cooking' is equal to 10 minutes of normal cooking over a fire. The resulting food will be cooked, but at room temperature.

Those using this cauldron will notice that not all food placed within the cauldron is there once cooking is complete - the cauldron itself consumes 1/8th of the foodstuffs it cooks to sustain its powers.

Also, it has been observed that these cauldrons develop personalities - they have food preferences and will react to different cooks differently. Some have to be cursed at to work properly, others will not tolerate abuse and burn everything they cook if 'offended'. Others prefer an offering of spirits or other strong drink before beginning to cook. None can talk, or otherwise overtly communicate, but the cooking results will vary based on treatment, and even the rate at which the food burbles and bubbles is a clue to the cauldron's demeanor.

Non-foodstuffs (potions, etc) are rejected - no processing at all will occur until these are removed and the cauldron cleaned. Some may require additional 'compensation' to the offended cauldron.

Possible Quirks:

1. Favored food - Certain foodstuffs will be prepared better and faster, but will be consumed by the cauldron at a higher rate - 20% devoured by the cauldron.

2. Hated food - Certains foods are always cooked very quickly but badly overcooked. Only 10% is taken by the cauldron in this case.

3. Desired Offering - Certain items - strong drink, spices, foodstuffs need to be offered before the main item. In these cases, the substance is completely devoured by the cauldron, but the main food item has only 10% consumed by the cauldron.

4. Touchy feelings - Caldron will act as all foods are hated if it is cursed or mistreated.

5. Masochist - Cauldron like to be abused before use and will act as if all foods are hated unless cursed at. "Come on Boil, you piece of crap!"

6. Attachments/Detachments - Cauldron likes only one cook and will not function well for any other cook. Conversely, it could hate a particular cook and require appeasement to work.

7. Moody - Changes behavior frequently - select one of the others at random intervals.

8. Mr.Clean - doesn't cook until it is properly cleaned from the last meal. Some think it actually likes all the scrubbing, the little pervert. Thanks, I think, to Manfred!

Plot Ideas

* A particular cauldron is famous for its preparation of a Duke's favorite dish. The only problem is it is extremely picky and requires a specific, rare, and difficult to obtain offering to be convinced into making it. Guess what the PCs have to do.

Am soliciting others!

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