The Revolution of One Man didn't have a beginning that promised success. Flint Westbark was the commander of an elite fighting force, and while no one would deny the Emperors rule was strict at best, harsh at worst, everyone had pretty much learned that if you kept your head down, you got left alone. No one knows what orders Commander Westbark received that ended his alliance to the Emperor, but he one day announced to his troops that the people's freedom had been stifled long enough, and any men that wanted to restore their freedoms to them were welcome. The entire force joined behind the Commander.

The fighting force Commander Westbark began his revolution with was not impressive. A few hundred infantry, a hundred calvary, and a hundred bowmen. Granted, they were some of the toughest, most skilled fighters in the armed forces, but five hundred men against tens of thousands are not good odds. Commander Westbark had the people behind him, many of the people in fact, swelling his forces to several thousand, but the people were not skilled. Many of them werent even hunters, much less fighters.

It was the insight, almost a mad genius, of Mike Skinner, the artificer of the elite, that turned the war into an overwhelming victory against the superior numbers of the Emperors forces. The didn't have the time or materials to make tens of thousands magical arrows, or several hundred bows of the quality needed for magical enchantment, but many of the men from Grandston joined the Commander when he traveled through their town, and Grandson was renowned for it's magnificent leatherwork. Lacking the materials to make armor for the thousands in his forces, the Artificer Skinner created a quiver for arrows that would turn them into Arrows of Missile Attraction for the length of their flight to their target.

The effect was the supreme accuracy of the elite archers was magnified. The arrows fired by the peasants would follow the Arrows of Missile Attraction fired by the elite, causing a score of arrows to find their targets.

With this force of thousands firing arrows with unmatched accuracy, the Emperor was overthrown and freedom came again to the people.

Full Item Description
The Arrows of Missile Attraction are created by the Quivers. Arrows are stored in the quivers for 24 hours, after which they become Arrows of Missile attraction for a brief time, approximately the time needed for an arrow to complete a flight, although this varies some by the quiver, and also by the length of the arrows flight. Overall, mundane arrows fired simultaneously with an Arrow of Missile Attraction will be drawn towards it, striking close to the arrow rather than following like train cars.

Some Quivers were especially well made and the Arrows continue to Attract Missiles after they have struck their target. This effect was not lost on the Commander, and he used this to great effect during the Siege of Fort Mesa. A lasting Arrow of Missile attraction was fired into the portcullis, then trebuchets were launched, and the stones followed the Arrow. The Elite calvary had no problems entering the fort after this door knocking.

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