Centipede nails may be mistaken for caltrops when first examined. They have three to five shorter, curled spikes, called the leg spikes, in a crown around the top of their longer main spike, called the anchor spike. The leg spikes are typically only one to three inches long, while the anchor spike is usually about twice that.

Centipede nails can be driven into an inanimate object, typically a chest or trunk, but care must be taken not to damage the leg spikes. Usually the centipede nails have a specially crafted nailset made specifically to cradle the leg spikes while driving the anchor spike. A nailset can be jury rigged by just carving a small piece of wood to the shape of the centipede nail head. Once driven into the object, each nail supports about 15 to 30 pounds, depending on the craftsmanship of the creator. Once enough nails have been attached, the object can commanded to move, either to follow the user or to follow another item fitted with centipede nails.

If twice as many nails are put on for the objects weight, the nails can move twice as fast, enough to keep pace with a loaded horse. If the nails are overloaded, they can only move very, very slowly, slower than a walking man. If the nails were damaged while driving them in, usually they will simply move slowly, but in some cases the object develops a limp, shaking the contents and sometimes breaking contents.

Magical Properties:

The centipede nails allow inanimate objects to travel, but the nails are not very big and have no intelligence at all. They cannot cross gaps bigger than twice the lenght of their legs, which usually means 2 to 6 inches, so rope bridges are right out, and even gutters cause problems. Stairs are impassable, unless they are less than 2 to 6 inches tall, and while they can climb slopes, even steep ones, if the object tips over, the nails can do nothing to stop it and it just rolls away.

The nails cannot swim and don't recognize any distinction in the terrain they walk over, they just walk. They walk through snow, mud, puddles, fire, or anything else they are directed to walk through, regardless of the damage to the object. The object doesn't need to remain intact for the nails to function, it can be smashed to bits by a boulder and as long as the nails weren't damaged, they will keep walking, carrying the splinted remains with them.

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Jumping Nails: Like centipede nails, they can be hammered into the bottom of an object. When commanded to jump, they will release a spring-loaded that will propel the item they are attached to upwards. Jumping nails function similarly to centipede nails, in that the more you attach the more jumping power you get. In addition, they can be used alone (usually as a joke) or in combination with centipede nails (they will curl up out of the way, so that they don't create drag or obstruct the centipede nails in any way).