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A clanking, clunking contraption of gears, steam-boxes, and strip-mounted iron spikes, the ISL 9000 is a mechanical horror distantly akin to one of Mr. Maxim's weapons.


Fizzlegear the Heartless looked about the devestation of his workshop, and sighed in something akin to rage. So many of his machine's cogs had been spiked. So many of his elegant traps undone by simple rods of sharpened Iron. What was he going to DO with th... Ahah-ha-ha! Gnomish Ingenuity would triumph again!


The ISL 9000 exists for one purpose and one purpose only. To turn the most annoying equipment of adventurers into weapons of destruction to use against their homelands. Rapidly firing iron spikes with all the power of crossbow bolts and all the accuracy of blind men, the ISL 9000 is none-the-less capable of rapidly decimating small units of close packed men. It's also a fairly effective piton driver. But mostly, it throws spikes through the air and through soldiers...

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? Quest

The hosts have gathered, legions eye barbarians across a barren field, the generals stab daggers into their maps, the WAR QUEST has arrived.

Welcome to the Sounds of War Quest. We will be rewarding a 12XP Bonus per submission with the first place submission earning 150 and second place earning 75.

The only important word in this Quest is War. Any category is OK.

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