Scorpio-01 is a glistening machine of war, his chromed over body shining brilliantly in the sun. His face and torso are roughly humanoid, though outsized, spanning over seven feet of his eleven foot height. That surprisingly mobile face is of a handsome Hispanic man, the heavily armored torso and arms rippling with hulking myomer muscles. Beneath, however, is the metal-clad body of a scorpion, and he scuttles upon his six legs, his massive tail lashing in the sunlight.

Massive weapon systems adorn his arms, the right a tremendous blade of fullerene polymers, the left with an enormous maser. So too, have the 'pincers' of the scorpion been replaced, the limbs bearing twin railguns, capable of leveling the mightiest of tanks. The tail, meanwhile, defends his flanks with wicked gouts of burning napalm.


The war was going badly for the Concordance. At every turn their foes outnumbered, outgunned, and outwitted them, it seemed, but the price of failure was far too terrifying to contemplate. The 43rd Legion knew that price well. They had been driven back by the invaders time and time again, their numbers swiftly whittling from the standard 1024 to a mere 200-and-counting-down.

One of that lucky 200 was Marcos Medicia, a lowly corporal, who'd seen far too much war already. Battered down and tired, it seemed there were only a few things he had left to care about - The invaders that had killed his wife, gambling, and the handful of camp followers left for him to take solace in. When the call for volunteers came up, and he found out that he would be able to do the first far better, he took the challenge, though it would cost him the last...

When he awoke from the procedure, he found himself in a new body of gleaming fullerene and titanium, and knew... it was time for him to do some killing.

Special Equipment

In addition to the weapons previously described, Marcos has a fully integrated tactical communication system, as well as a device of last resort - The fusion generators that double as his power source are fully capable of detonation.

Roleplaying Notes

Despite his body, Marcos's mind is still fully human. He has fears, and joys, and a man's desires, but he has no way to vent his lusts, though that never stops him from trying.

Further, the tension between man and machine is ferocious. While he is a slave to its necessity, Marcos despises what he has become. He prays that when the war is over, the scientists will be able to revert him, at least to a more humanoid body. Unfortunately, what he has not yet been told is that his body cannot be properly reverted - The experimental chassis has no provision for removal of the subject. While later designs are semi-modular, he is not.

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