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February 27, 2007, 2:34 pm

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MUL-FS550 Fire Support Robot


MUL-FS550 Fire Support Robot

Variant of Mobile U Logistic Robot

Millions of credits in development, and they still could not make a helmet which was comfortable. Sargent Dreker grumbled to himself.  Sure, the helmet would prevent the nasty over/underpressure brain damage a close explosion would cause - and only if it didn’t ‘crack’, but it weighed a ton and the straps never seemed to fit right.  Plus you felt like you were wearing a fishbowl.

His thoughts were interrupted by a sudden flash ahead and to the left.  Drop! his training told him and even before he could form the thought, he was collapsing towards the ground.  Even before he landed a massive shock wave caught him and shoved him back hard. 

The impact knocked the wind out of him and he could hear the almost annoyed sounding whirring of the units MUL-FS getting back on its feet behind him.  Then his comm unit got really busy…

“This is Bravo Section.. (scrrrrrrrtkc) .. We’re taking fire!... (scrrrrrtch)”

“Roger Bravo Section. Hold position. Copy”

“Roger Sergeant! Bravo Section holding position. Enemy using heavy stuff Sergeant!”

“Roger that Bravo. Alpha Section - Status?”

Silence.  Alpha section had been up where the explosion had occurred. Either their radios were all out, or the explosion had got them all.  Dreker accessed A’s video and biometric channels but nothing was coming back.

“Bravo - Pull back to my position - Over!”

“Copy that Sergeant.  We are falling back.”

Using his helmet mounted tactical display, he pulled the enemy contact data from Bravo and fed the coordinates to the MUL.  He then accessed the MUL control on his HUD and ordered a fire mission.

“Spy Eye followed by Optical-Only smoke barrage.”  The Spy Eye used IR primarily, so the smoke would not impact it’s observation much. As far as he knew, the rebels did not have thermal shields.

Upon command, the mule stiffening its legs, and five of its launch compartments opened.  Compressed air pushed first the spy eye up and away.  Three meters up the rocket motor ignited and boosted the unit higher.  Above the target area the motor stopped and a small parachute supported the spy eye as it slowly dropped down.  The four other projectiles ignited their motors as well, and instead of parachutes, assumed a ballistic trajectory and dropped into the target area.  On impact they detonated and expelled vast amounts of inky smoke.

“Bravo Squad - Thanks for the Cover Sergeant. Out!”

Under cover of the smoke, the enemy fire became less accurate and the squad was able to pull back.

Okay, they’re clear. he thought, Now this one is for Alpha.

A few more commands, and a dozen more of the launch compartments opened.  Again compressed air launched projectiles up three meters and then a dozen rocket motors ignited as one.  Four of the projectiles had their motors burn a slight bit longer, and with a slightly higher trajectory.  The first eight landed in the target area in a rough diamond-shaped pattern.  These rockets each carried about 40 explosive sub-munitions that each would burst into about 100 armor piercing flachettes.  Into an area of about 2 acres, 40 000 flachettes flew with lethal force.  Several seconds after this deadly swarm, the remaining four rockets detonated, showering the area with burning white phosphorus.

Too little, to late for Alpha, but they were avenged.

Full Description

Technical Specifications

Dimensions(Operational): 112cm (H) x 124.3cm (W) x 253.6cm(L)
Mass: 213kg (Unloaded),328kg (Full load)
Construction: Extruded Fullerfiber skeleton
Power Supply, Primary: 70Kw Microfusion powerplant,2 week endurance.
Power Supply, Secondary: 5kw Hydrogen fuel cell, 8 hour endurance.
Protection: 7mm Layered Ferroceramic plating
Primary Processor: .3 HCE (Human Cognitive Equivalent) Cogas I processing array.
Primary Systems: 24 Class II Vertical Launch cells
Secondary Systems: TX70 Standard Wireless Communications (including infrared laser),Dynasent Gyroscopic Stabilizer,
Air compression System, Advanced Ballistic Targeting System

Standard Programming: Multienvironment mobility,Basic Military Operations

The MUL-FS550 is a large, quadrupedal robot designed to provide fire support at the platoon level. It stands about a meter tall, a meter wide, and two and a half meters long. A small fusion powerplant provides nearly 100hp for two weeks without refueling.  It has a maximum walking speed of 11km/h.

It has been referred to as the Walking Dinner Table by troops due to its flat body and four legs. Those on the receiving end of its firepower have other words for it.

It has an array of 24 (6 x 4) vertical launch tubes.  These tubes accept a wide range of ordinance types allowing great mission flexibility. 

It is not programmed for independent action and is significantly less intelligent then other military robots.  It is a development of the standard MUL-LS470 Logistics Support robot (Nearly identical to the MUL-FS(Fire Support) but not equipped with launch tubes, targeting system or compressor).  It cannot directly fire its missiles - the order must come from a properly authenticated Command and Control system (issued to all NCO’s and officers of a given formation). 

It is also capable of detonating all of it’s carried ordinance on receipt of proper codes as well as the setting of a special switch accessible behind the left side maintenance panel.

In addition to typical munitions (HE, Smoke, Chemical, WP, Illumination), several special purpose projectiles exist:

  • Submunition Warheads
  • Mine Dispensing
  • Sentry Drones
  • Scout Drones
  • Spy Eye
  • Anti-Armor Hypervelocity Armorpeircing
  • Due to the relatively large warhead that can be carried - each cell can accommodate an 150mm(~6”) projectile - there is a lot of room to provide different types of ordinance.
    Each Cell can be replaced with a Quad unit of Class I cells, which launch 30mm munitions, or a total 96 30mm launch tubes.

    Due to its role as a tactical support system, the range of it’s ordinance rarely exceeds 3 kilometers.

    There is a variant -MUL-FS550-ICE which has a methane-powered Internal Combustion Engine for use in specialized environments.  Those models have space only for 18 standard launch tubes to accommodate the bulkier engine and fuel supply.

    Having problems linking.  Part of the 3702 world under development..

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    Comments ( 13 )
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    February 23, 2007, 15:40
    Suggestions for terms used above I should add to a glossary?
    Voted Jarons20
    February 27, 2007, 8:16
    Ok, I am liking these robots, especially the intro passages, and the tech specs
    but why create them, who created them, any backstory to the war?
    February 27, 2007, 10:11
    Okay, obviously I need to frame these 'Bots more.

    The universe in question is based on an old scratch-based Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror campaign of mine I ran a very long time ago, and was not of sufficent quality to present as-was here. It featured many cliche elements, but it was fun to run. We had battles between cyborgs, demons, Psychotic government agents wiping out anything abnormal, fleet battles, vampires, you name it. Since the PC's were Immortals of highlander fame, you get the picture.

    Some of the ideas from that old campaing I thought were still useful, so I have been salvaging what I thought was useful. The background needs work though to make it more generic and less silly. I wanted to present what I had assuming that the ideas were generic enough to meld into other worlds.

    But to answer your questions:

    In 2450, Humanity is scattered over an assortment of worlds. Some were peacefully colonized, others seized from the alien races that held them. There is no central government, only a shifting set of alliances. One thing that is shared by the worlds are the Rules of Engagement, which serve to limit combat to prevent complete destruction of colonies. Part of these rules include proscriptions against nuclear weapons, along with combative AI's. The second point is a bit gray, as support systems such as the MUL-FS550 Fire Support Robot are close to the line. The fact that a human operator is required to pull the trigger satisfies the letter of the Rules, if not the spirit.

    The various planets fight among each other for various reasons - vendettas, trade, resources,etc, but these usually are low-level engagements between professional mercenary groups. Use of planetary military elements is generally considered a dangerous escalation. The Planetary forces are generally used to defend against non-human enemies, where the Rules of Engagement do not apply.

    The Robots are built to satisfy various military needs to reduce the imployment of expensive (and perhaps unreliable) mercenary forces, as well as to limit human casulties. Numerous companies manufacture the robots and sell them to pretty much anyone who has the currency to afford them.

    I hope this helps! Is anyone interesting in more polishing of this world concept (I know it has elements heavily barrowed from other sources...)

    Created ROE 2450 as a stub for future development.
    Voted Pariah
    February 27, 2007, 12:33
    February 27, 2007, 12:43
    Bots framed. :)

    Guess you can put that section into a Stub, and link it to both.

    The sub itself is fine, the technical specifications are as expected, the story detail is the highlight again. Good work.
    Voted manfred
    February 27, 2007, 12:44
    Only voted
    Voted Wulfhere
    February 27, 2007, 19:47
    A solidly-done, well-detailed piece of equipment that can be a useful addition to many science-fiction settings.

    I particularly like the opening tale and the detailed technical specifications that lend a convincing aura of versimilitude.

    Good Work.
    August 2, 2007, 21:19
    Well, guess this was not too much of a stretch:

    Though mine does have vertical launch cells, so there! :P
    February 22, 2010, 12:26
    May 31, 2013, 10:56
    Voted Kassy
    May 29, 2014, 10:45

    Good sub. After mentioning Tom Clancy in chat, I can see the world influence.

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