Human/ Male/ 49
He is a short slight man. Balding, though he had a thick black mop in his youth. He has deep set eyes that seem to twinkle. He frequently has a wry little grin, making one think he is keeping a secret.

Technically, he is a local carpenter. He actually does little, if any, carpentry work. Mostly he does a number of side jobs.

Someone has to do it, so Dougilus does.

Dougilus lends small bits of money and works out payment with people. He is a tiny bank of sorts. He covers a simple bit of insurance, if people pay into him, they can get more out... if they hit hard times.

He is the district's matchmaker. So he often suggests people might want to talk with him, if they want to be married. He makes sure the proprieties are observed at all times.

He arranges contacts between various parties, between letters of introduction or just introductions, he is the man to know if you want to know someone else.

He also organizes local parades, parties, picnics, races, and other large social events. He helps people plan their weddings and their travels.

Lastly, he is the district bookie... taking bets on almost everything. Given the local's love of races and fighting, this is a lively part of his business.

He also does a little blackmail on the side, since he is often privy to all those dirty little secrets. His fees are quite modest and never more than a slight inconvenience to the target.

Special Equipment
A little leather journal in which he keep cryptic notes in either a code, or an awful enough handwriting that it might as well be code. He seems to have several of them hidden about the district.

Roleplaying Notes
He is a fun sort of guy, jovial most of the time... though that may be the drink. When he needs to be serious (as when he is negotiating a proper matchmaking) he is overly serious... almost comical.

He likes his drink, so you will often find him in the local pub (which he is part owner).

He is always refereing to his little book.

While he scribbles in his book, he actually has a photographic memory. So despite the book... it is all in his head. Many people strive to steal his books, but then he produces another copy straight away. (The books are part of his insurance plan, as long as they are floating around, nobody can just kill him... as someone else could pick up the debt or blackmail.)

He has several hideyholes around the district (one of which is under the local chapel) where he keeps blackmail evidence and some of his cash.

He has lots of friends. So if anyone touches him, he better run far and fast, as the has friends all over the county and they will take out any insult or injury against this man in blood (and the hefty reward he normally offers).

He likes to wipe his forehead. He often feels warm, so bits of sweat bead up upon his balding pate.

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