The tavern is an ubiquitous part of the Gaming culture, where the most cliched of beginnings is 'You all meet in a bar...'. The tavern, and by extension the inn and brothel are as varigated as the clientel that patrons them. Initially I had a notion to make a submission of 30 Inns and Taverns, but instead thought to make it an open challenge to the Citadel at Large.

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Fhioban's Green Dragon

Your standard fantasy-setting tavern, the Green Dragon is operated by the half-elf and retired adventurer Fhioban Far-Eyes. A few of his hunting trophies deck the walls but the real deal is the cheap ale, the close atmosphere and the opportunity to find information and garner good contracts. People looking to hire adventurers know that the Green Dragon is a prime place to find them, and Fhioban's clean record and firm hand keeps the tavern looking clean as well as the rougher elements back in their own dens of filth and inequity.

The Man-And-A-Half Inn

A large and upstanding inn complete with common room and tap room, the Man-and-a-Half caters to the multitude of races in the standard fantasy setting. To be more specific, the inn has accomodations to suit humans, but also rooms and tables sized for the halfing folk and the dwarves. The common room can get quite rowdy between halfing drinking and singing, dwarven drinking and fighting, and humans enjoying both.

Grendel's Broken Claw

A rough and tumble tavern and questionable brothel on the bad side of town, Grendel's caters to a singular clientel, orcs. Now most orcs are tribal brutes set on forming hordes and raiding human lands. Others have since formed their own communities and live in the shadow of humans. Grendel himself is a beast of an orc, lamed by human mercs. His tavern is a safehouse for orcs and settled goblins as well as one of the few taverns that keeps only the green-skinned ladies.

The Black Cauldron

A unique establishment, the Cauldron can only be entered by use of a cantrip spell. This renders the tavern off-limits to everyone but spellcasters. As a refuge from the brawny and belligerent world of berzerkers and barfighters, the Cauldron is better known for it's rare elf-wines, herbal teas, and meditation rooms.

The Blue Dragonfly

Currently owned by Snedy Tail, this little inn has acceptable food and drinks. What stands out, is Snedy's frequent singing or humming. He doesn't really burst into songs, just happens to deliver the stuff with a little flourish, rarely making a rhyme or two for a memorable customer.

Snedy always wanted to be a bard/singer, but lacked the voice. He is content in the job, and most of the customer's don't mind the background, often entangled in their own quiet discussions. Private romances fare well here.

bThe Silver Sherpa/b

A beautiful silver tent some 50 feet in length and width stands before you. You've seen it before, as your travels have come and gone, the image of this Inn sits in the corner of your mind for many times you've sought refuge; it's simple symbol of an embroidered silver llama next to a bed on the front flap seeming to beacon you forward. Just as often as you have seen it outside of a town, you just arrived; you have seen it in the middle of nowhere, a promise of rest. It might seem strange, but you gather the Inn is the traveling sort. The same energetic bartender/ owner and his family happily greet you for what has to be the hundredth time now. Happily he greets you; 'Hey there traveler, my name s Marcus Underfoot;... Oh wait, you've strayed here before; come make yourself at home.' Again you bed down for another peaceful night, but how do you keep bumping into this place.