Peterus is a heavy set, slightly round man, with jowels forming. His hair is running sparse, but his rest of him is growing. He dresses very well for being unemployed.

Peterus Winecrafter no longer practices his guild trade. In fact, he is officially Peterus NoGuild upon the rolls. He is the main man, "he who knows people". Everyone who is looking for work at The Corner Klah talks with him and tells him what they can do. He arranges work, arranging meetings for people... someone looking for help and the person who can do it. All he asks is a few coins from your pay, when you get paid. Sure is it just a few copper each week, but a few copper from a few hundred people seems to be adding up.

There are always a few young lads looking for some odd coins who run his messages for him (or take them to the messager guild).

His ThirdMan work, he sometimes call himself an MeetingSmith or ArrangementSmith or WorkCrafter, seems to be paying quite handsomly. He is always sitting at "HIS TABLE", something near the back near the feeble fire that heats water keg used to make the somewhat okay Klah and Tea served here. Good thing the baked goods come from some place else down the street.

Special Equipment

Roleplaying Notes
Peterus is always learning on one elbow. If you are sitting at a table, he will also lean in towards you.

He likes raising one eyebrows when admused or bothered.

He has a wry sense of humor.

He also has an expert poker face.

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