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Foul poisons, evil spells and dread diseases, all of which can eventually kill. Here are a list of unique cures which each are quests that bring you to many wonderful places here at Strolens. Of course, feel free to add other components, and nothing says you need just one....

A generator can be found here.

1.) A tincture prepared from the petals on a rose growing on a forgotten grave deep in the The Field of 10,000 Skulls. In addition to the other hazards, the shade of a cruel general and his staff haunt the graveyard. The grave is that of the General himself, and
he will not tolerate visitors disturbing his unsettled sleep.

2.) Honey from a rare strain of Crystal Hornets that actually produce honey. And of course, the hive can be found in the most difficult reaches of a large, dangerous forest.

3.) Capturing a Questing beast -they are famous for having intrinsic healing abilities, but are equally famous for their difficulty to catch.

4.) A formula known to a spectre found in Satur Nox. Once found and the formula retrieved, they may need to select from this list again for the final components.

5.) In the deep trenches of the sea , there lives a very rare species of conch from whose innards a potent healing elixir can be made. If incorrectly prepared, it is lethal poison. What makes things worse is the trench is the home of the Tsithcacadss, the Trench Dwellers, who consider the Conch a species to be protected.

6.) A Paste created from the pulverized remains of a Tempest Blade mixed with the blood of a Ravager.

7.) A paste prepared from the Telphizar Nut, found on a very rare jungle tree. There happens to be some growing on Mastwood Island. Whatever divinations lead the PCs there provide out of date information on this place and do not reveal it's current level of danger or its nature.

8.) Within the expanse of the Destinen Wood lives a beautiful bird found only in that cursed wood, beautiful in defiance of that realms dread powers. Silent, but of shimmering silver it is very agile and alert. A brace of it's feathers are required to create the curative preparation.

9.) In the deadly, craggy area known as Shamra's knives (an area where erosion has made the mountains a mass of knife-edges), a species of Crystal Rose has adapted there. Unfortunately for climbers, it is inhabited by Unknown Death.

10.) In a remote corner of the kingdom, a Medusa Tree of immense size can be found. A strange, electricity-tolerant blue mushroom grows high in it's branches, and its essence when distilled will provide an elixir of great healing.

11.) Deep in the bottom of a (random or deviously selected) spring in the Sorcery Springs Geyser Basin lies a special stone geode, the center of which contains crystals which when boiled will produce the needed cure.

12.) The Corpse Flower, found deep in the Ankorillian jungles is known for it's lethality. The toxins it uses to kill can be carefully prepared by a herbalist to provide a curative elixir. The process is long and difficult, and if prepared incorrectly yields deadly poison.

13.) The ground horn of a Dark Unicorn. One is rumored to reside in Darken Glade. During the preparation of the horn, the boundaries between the realm of the living and the dead become blurred. The healing provided by the horn should be considered a 'Monkey's Paw wish' as some awful will happen.

14.) A species of moss which is unique to The Hell of Dry Bones. Just getting there and back will be difficult, much less finding this moss, which grows on the tops of the Giant Skulls found there.

15.) The secretions of a very rare frog, who inhabits Floating Islands in volcanic waters near the equator. Of course this area is also the home to various sea-monsters which resent any human intrusion.

16.) Bedding the witch of the Westmoreland.
See http://www.lyricsandsongs.com/song/451074.html for the lyrics that inspired this one. The witch is capricious,difficult to deal with and seduce.

17.) In the dank jungles of The Land of Green Death, an ancient temple long since claimed by the creeping greenery, contains within a small shrine, still touched by the essence of gods of peoples older then man. A grey stone pulses with ancient power. Touch once, and all is healed. Touch twice, and all is lost!

18.) A drink of water, drank an drawn from a well in The Temple of the First Man. A place which no road leads and no map tells about. (This sentence from the worthy indeed linked sub..)

19.) Seek out the odd Gredil the Leech, who will avail the supplicants with his menagerie of healing parasites.

20.) The cure may be found written in a book imbedded in the stomach of a bookfish found in Vox Piscis.

21.) The Formula is known by the spirit of of a dark sorcerer whose head currently hangs from the belt of The headsman. The formula could either be derived from easy to obtain materials, or from materials found elsewhere on this list.

22.) Life itself can be restored through careful employment of Dwarven Lightning Bottles. The instructions are old, and writing in an obscure dialect of Dwarfish, of which no speakers remain. Incorrect use will instead cause the victim to arise as a strange undead-like construct with psychotic tendances.

23.) Certain Flowers that grow in the pool of Ylithain, the Drowned Queen have remarkable healing power, though watch out for the dangerous Fae! Appealing straight to this being might be the best approach, or possibly the worst.

24.) The essence of Cetacean soul, collected from The Leviathan Pool. The little souls are more difficult to catch then it appears, and there may be other defences there. Finding the Pool is a major endeavor in itself. The soul is destroyed in its use, and there may be major implications for the being so healed.

25.) Deep within the fetid The BlackWater Tunnels there lies a hidden shrine to a long-dead aquatic god. If found and cleaned up, and a proper offering made, it will provide mystical healing once to a worthy supplicant. Of course, this shrine is in the area most heavily frequented by the unsavory beings that call these tunnels home.

26.) The Cure is known by one of Those That Contemplate. Figuring out how to release the being may be difficult, and dangerous, depending on how careful and prepared the PCs are.

27.) A massive bronze flask of holy water, brought to the top of The Lightning-Struck Tower and left to be struck by the ferocious lightning, will assume powerful healing power, though this will attract the undivided attention of the malevolent elementals who dwell there.

28.) The essence of 30 Combusting Shrews, carefully processed to avoid detonation. The entire batch must be processed at the same time, making the resulting explosion caused by any failure truly something to behold. Until the final steps of the preparation the Shrews must remain alive, and so some means of pacifying them must be found.

29.) A very specific subspecies of Thorn Rolls, found in The Wastes. The thorn toxin unprepared is very toxic, requiring careful and lengthy preparation to turn into a cure. The actual transition from toxin to cure is not visible and detectable only upon use, requiring one fully trust that they followed the procedure exactly. Further complicating the affair is that the toxin only assumes the correct composition once the plant has entered it's mobile phase, making it more difficult to find.

30.) Lost on the The Turgid Sands of Nesseraum there rides the Eternal Camel of Dharnarem. This immortal beast, the creation of a long dead sorcerers, was granted immortality and the ability to free itself from any bindings (the effects of not-so-careful dealings with a spirit of the sands). The camel will regenerate any injury taken, and its blood can be used to brew a potent healing elixir. Harvesting the blood once may be doable, but the camel's ability to ‘escape' easily makes this an unsteady supply at best.

Other Uses

One could easily use these mini-quests without the PC's needing the cure - they could be paid by others to do so.

Also, these could be used instead as ritual components for completing fell spells, producing items of magic or completing prophecy.

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