Those few who see the reclusive Meyurk immediately notice his height. Perhaps once taller, he is hunched over and his head barely reaches three feet. Little of him is visible for he wears a threadbare and faded robe, and an equally faded and threadbare shapeless hat. Perhaps once these items were also blue, but time has long since dyed them grey.

His face is overlarge and dominated by a ridiculously sized nose. The entire effect would be comical until one met his eyes - cold, celadon eyes glittering with intelligence and perhaps, malice. His skin is dark blue, with massive age spots as dark as pitch.


Of course, Meyurk has not always presented such an aged appearance. Once he stood as tall as any Egoyo, strong and hale as his race ever produced. He bore the avenging sword to punish those who mistook the diminutive Egoyo as easy prey. His blade found many a human's heart, though usually cloaked in shadow.

His defense of his people eventually backfired, for the last blackguard he sent to hades was none other then the son of the local Duke. Through the efforts of his court magician the Duke identified his son's slayer, and immediately waged genocidal warfare against the Egoyo.

Surviving the massacre of his people, and fleeing the Dukes men, Meyurk fled far indeed - beyond the lands where men knew of his people.

Meyurk eventually found the town of Elmwood, and the odd clock-tower that all but stray animals avoided. It was a perfect dwelling - isolated, easily defended and shunned by the local humans. Better yet, the powerful magics present would shield him from the scrying of his enemy.

Roleplaying Notes and Campaign Use

Meyurk is a bitter being, easily turned to hate against any human who gives him offense. He has two secrets he is protecting.

In his exile his loneliness has been extreme, and unable and unwilling to open up to the locals, he has festered and brooded. His able hands he has devoted to the cause of revenge and love. The first - a mechanical hydra capable of flight. Though incomplete, it is still a formidable weapon. When complete, it may indeed be capable of carrying out the vengeance he intends. The second is a mechanical bride, a wooden Egoyo of great beauty. 'She' too is incomplete, but even in her half built stage, it has drawn the attention of a spirit that has inhabited the wooden shell.

He makes the occasional coin and obtains parts through mechanical repairs - none within a leagues travel can match his skill in this area. This is accomplished by leaving the item to be repaired along with proffered payment at the base of the tower. Under dark of night, his mechanical rats retrieve both for him.

He is willing to meet humans who manage to bypass his defenses and mean no harm, but his temper is as brittle as glass. Those who arose his anger will be set upon by his mechanical 'pets'. Little brings the little Egoyo joy aside from a challenging repair, or curious mechanical artifacts.

Meyurk is a superb machinist in addition to being a very skilled warrior. Had age not sapped his strength and speed, he would be a serious challenge in battle. He makes the occasional coin by repairing clocks and similar devices, though these are rare in Elmwood.

He can serve as an odd patron, difficult to reach but knowledgeable in mechanics and the construction of automatons. Perhaps he may be willing to lend one on a quest to obtain new mechanical artifacts. He may even know where one can be found, having waiting all this time for a suitable party to retrieve it for him.

Plot Ideas

My Wooden Valentine

Meyurk's wooden wife-to-be has been completed, and has escaped. If the PC's happen to have any gnome-sized members, she may happen upon them and fall in love with them. When Meyurk finds out, he sics his incomplete but still dangerous mechanical hydra upon them.

Now if the PC returns the affection, then it gets really interesting..

Perhaps a little silly...

Work for Meyurk

The PCs, having made contact with him in some manner - perhaps they needed help with some mechanical device - are asked to retrieve a mechanical artifact from some difficult to reach quest location. 30 Legendary Antidotes/Cures can be used to supply suggested locations with a little adaptation.

Meyurk Berserk

Meyurk has finally completed his hydra and has committed himself to revenge. Riding the back of the beast he flys to his old land to rain havock. Perhaps the PCs are present in that kingdom when the mechanical monster comes to visit.

Gack Meyurk

Even after all of these years, Meyurk still has a price on his head. One of the PCs knows about him, perhaps through direct contact with the duke, perhaps through nothing more then a rumor or old wanted poster. They are travelling through Elmwood when they find out he is here. Now they will try and collect on the bounty - he is, after all, a murderer.

Desperately Seeking Meyurk

Another of Meyurks relatives (or perhaps lover) survived the massacre and after the many years has forgiven him and seeks to find him. The PCs come across the odd blue creature being attacked by criminals. Should they help, they will be offered coin or perhaps some useful mechanical device if they would also help find Meyurk. Old enemies could appear to make this interesting.

Meyurk's pets

Meyurk has painstakingly built several mechanical creatures to keep him company and protect him against attack. Each is very well crafted, only the color and material betraying their artificial natures. Several ravens, two cougars and a large ape are his main servants, though he also has a horde of mechanical rats.

Each construct is remarkably intelligent - the product of Egoyo skill - slightly higher then their natural animal equivalent. They are also very durable, even though they are constructed of little more then wood and salvaged brick. These are shaped cunningly to protect the complicated and delicate mechanics within.

Egoyo is also part way through constructing a hydra, though due to his limited raw materials it has been very slow going.

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