Hidden among the icebergs of the far north, protected by wind, frost, and surrounded by deadly maelstroms and vortexes, lies the wide and nearly bottomless Leviathan's Pool. The only way to safely reach it is by swimming through the icy depths deep below the arctic water, and emerging into the pool through a wide underwater cavern. Overland, reaching the pool is next to impossible, though rumor has it, a handful of intrepid adventurers throughout history have come upon the natural wonder by accident, during their explorations of the lands of Eternal Winter. A warning to those that wish to find the Peace Pool comes from an old Ojjiwa saying, the Ojjiwa being an ancient isolated tribe of seal hunters, who dwell on giant ice flows just south of the lands of Eternal Winter.

If ye seek the Peace Pool, it will become your lifes quest, and if ye find it, know that your quest and life is at an end. You will not live to see the New Moon after witnessing its beauty.

The pool, still and oily, is where whales come to die. They wallow in the gentle swells, free from all danger, until Mother Ocean sends for them. At the edge of the pool sits Ocean Mother, a lady of the whitest and purest marble, on a white marble throne, embedded in ice. Around the foot of her throne swim thousands and thousands of tiny luminescent, almost ghost-like creatures, of shapes and colors that men cannot even begin to imagine. These are the souls of all the whales that have returned to her.

When the whales are ready, they gently approach Ocean Mother. She rises from her throne and whispers to them, while touching their foreheads. She then proceeds to cry tears of pearls, the whales close their eyes for the last time, and descend slowly into the depths of the Whale Bone Forest, all care and worry gone. She then returns to her throne, as her pearly tears accompany the whales on their final journey. It is said in Ojjiwa legend that someday, when the last whale enters the Leviathan Pool, Ocean Mother will rise from her throne for the last time, and send all of the maelstroms and vortexes of the Northern Seas to destroy the worlds of men!

Right Whales, Humpbacks, Blues, Belugas and Narwhals are the most commonly sighted whales swimming north to find the Leviathan Pool, Ocean Mother, and their salvation, according to the Ojjiwa, who consider the Pool sacred and taboo. Interestingly enough, some of the more rambunctious species such as Sperm Whales, are said to have their own Leviathan Pool somewhere in the Southern Seas, according to the legends of the Ojjiwa.

It is these tales of Ocean Mother's endless pearly tears, which unfortunately keep treasure seekers, adventurers, and explorers looking for the Leviathan Pool, as well as the legends of the great Whale Bone Forest at the bottom of the sea, where bizarre creatures, never before seen by man, are said to dwell, swimming silently among the giant rib-cages of the whales remains. The Ojjiwa will go to extreme lengths to keep those who draw close, away from the Leviathan Pool, if it as all within their meager power.


The PCs hear Ojjiwa legends and attempt to find the pool *mournful sigh*, or they can stop some other less than wholesome group from finding it. The PCs hear of a well-known whaling ship, whose crew has decided to find this "Ultimate Prize". Will the PCs join the venture in order to thwart it?

Those with abilities that allow underwater exploration can visit the haunting, silent, otherworldly Whale Bone Forest. Who knows what they can find in this benthic realm?

This can also serve simply as a legend the PCs overhear, or of course as a life-long crusade for a Capn' Ahab type NPC.

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