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A dark unicorn appears as a black unicorn that has had its horn uncurled and split. Where one horn rested, now two glossy black and twisted horns sit drinking the light as if it fed off of its brilliance. Their eyes glow a fierce red and their breath steams with anger and hatred.

To kill a Unicorn is to bring bad luck and the hatred of nature itself down upon the foolish. It is said that the mate of a unicorn that is murdered will turn horrible in it’s pain and anger, turning against nature to hunt and kill the murderer of it’s mate. It turns dark and soulless and seeks nothing but the death of it’s enemy.

A dark unicorn was once a majestic unicorn that has had or seen its mate murdered. Their hatred and sorrow consumes them from within and warps their morals and sensibilities turning them into a festering form of hatred that despises anything living. They can sometimes be found as being mounts for demonic beings. Their first task, however, is to avenge their mate and kill their murderer.

The are still very intelligent, but they have lost their morals and compassion and will stop at nothing to avenge the death of their mate. Once they have witnessed the death of their mates murderer, they will seek out others of like mind to bring pain and sorrow to those of the living and natural world.

Additional Information
Even after they have recieved their vengence they will continue on in their tormented state. Their anger and hatred will continue to grow and expand with each passing day, stuck in an life they would never have chosen they seek to punish everything for their current state of being.

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