The Headsman appears as a huge, muscular human wearing a hideous boarhead-like leather helmet. Around his waist is a thick belt with numerous freshly-severed human heads hanging from it. The heads move and moan in pain and despair. In his hands he carries a great single-headed axe, wickedly curved and dead black.


The Headsman is a figure within Kayeed legend as a bringer of swift, cold justice. In the legends he has only appeared infrequently, and only after events that the Gods themselves have found repugnant have occurred.

His origin lies far in the past, but the accepted theory is that he once was a warrior of the light but was irreversibly corrupted by a terrible tragedy.

Special Equipment

Headsmans Axe
The axe (which bears no name apart from The Headsman's axe) has the power of Judgement. If the axe kills a victim, it invariably is by decapitation. Upon death, the being struck is immediately judged. If they would descend to the underworld for their actions, their spirit instead is locked into the severed skull. The decapitated corpse will then immediately rise as a corporeal undead appropriate to their station in life. They are subject to the commands of the Headsman, but bear him no love - they will not assist him unless ordered.

Those not deserving of eternal torment are simply slain. No additional effects apply to body or head.

Belt of Heads

The belt carries the heads of those unworthies trapped by the axe. Each head is still conscious and aware of their surrounds, and is in excruciating pain. If a head is destroyed in melee, then the spirit is released as an incorporeal undead.

The heads can be thrown by the wearer and upon impact will shatter, causing minor damage to the target (if any) and releasing an incorporeal undead.

The wailing heads serve as a powerful fear effect to even the stout of heart.

Special Abilities

The Headsman uses no magic apart from his axe and belt. He also is highly resistent to magical effects and is very difficult to kill. The elements will affect him, but his infernal nature means that the effects are minimized.

The Headsman has limitless endurance - he can walk forever without rest.

If the Headsman is slain, all heads are immediately freed (generating more undead), and the Headsmans corpse, axe and belt fade away.

1 week later, the Headsman will return, but with no special vendetta against those who killed it. It will simply resume where it left off.

Roleplaying Notes

The Headsman is drawn to areas where great injustices have occurred. He will appear about 10 miles away from the site and walk there. Any encountered en route are subject to judgement by this being.

He is absolutely cold and emotionless. The only mercy he knows is swift death.

He is not interested very much in the living apart as fodder for his axe, but he can be impressed by actions which serve to address injustices which drew him in the first place. Such redemption would have to be very powerful, direct and uncontestable.

Plot Hooks

Just Desserts

Should the PC's bring into being a great injustice, then they themselves may find themselves the target of the Headsman's efforts.

Justice Delayed

The PC's are contracted by a powerful personage who is being pursued by the Headsman. He does not tell the PCs who is after him, just that a Demon is out to get him. If the PCs do their research (perhaps after a PC or two has their head handed to them .. :) ) they may be asking their patron a few questions on why he has attracted such attention.

Justice Denied

As unlikely as it sounds, a target of the Headsman has managed to obtain a defence against this being. So long as the Headsman is thwarted, the longer he roams the region, judging all he meets. The PC's need to find out why this is happening, and then remove the defences from the target.

Alternately, perhaps the PCs are contacted by the Headsman himself to clear his obstacle. Especially if they have an unblemished devotion to justice.

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