"The Rotten Bastard? You sure? Well, it's your skin. You'll find it on Dresil's street, across from where the Temple of Sutheric used to be..."

1. Introduction
2. Physical Description
3. The Staff
4. The Regulars
5. The Occasionals
6. Common Events
7. Uncommon Events
8. Major Plots
9. Supporting Information

1. Introduction

A dive of legendary proportions, only the stout of heart or those with nothing to lose come here. A no-go zone for law enforcement, little attention is paid to the goings on within. If a few criminals get killed or injured within, big deal. The proprietor, Myech, pays his taxes and additional 'fees' to keep the local law happy - or at least out of his hair.

No food is served at the Bastard, only ale and strong spirits. Asking for wine or mixed drinks here is not advised.

2. Physical Description

The Rotten Bastard is not a pretty place, looking more like a jail then a watering hole. The thick stone walls, tiny, barred windows and even an old pillory in front, complete the image. It is the pillory which is usually used to help outsiders find the place, as the tavern's sign, portraying a black mustachioed man tormenting a pilloried prisoner, is long since gone.

The single door is heavy, iron bound, and bears numerous stains - blood and worse. It does not open easily and creaks loudly.

Once one's eyes have adjusted to the darkness inside, one of the first things that stands out is the large jar of teeth siting on the bar. Of course, before one's eyes adjust, one is overpowered by the smell of beer, sweat and blood in the air.

Welcome to the Bastard.

The Bastard is a dangerous place for a fight, even discounting the patrons. It has numerous 'features' that increase the dangers of a bar fight.

1. Large, unscreened fireplace equipped with fireplace tools. These are secured to the fireplace by 6' long chains.

2. A 'coat rack' consisting of sharpened Iron spikes
protruding at an angle from the wall next to the door.

3. All of the tables are crafted out of solid stone, by Redrick the Stonewizard, who uses magic to shape the tables.

4. The floor is made of large, loosely fitted stones which can be pulled up with a little work.

5. What windows are very small, barred and covered with enough grime to block most light. They are too small for most beings to exit, even if unbarred.

Additions to this wonderful place of meyhem are appreciated, though I will be acting as editor for ideas to keep them withing the 'spirit' of this location.

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3.) The Staff

Turl the barkeep Turl is the long-time barkeep of the Rotten Bastard, having served what pass for drinks for near ten years now. Once a mercenary, he was lamed after being thrown from his horse and took up bartending. He keeps a longsword and an extra-long chained flail under the counter and wears metal armor under a stained tunic. He has a very short temper and regularly sic's his barmaids on anyone who offends him. He has travelled a fair bit and speaks an assortment of languages, none well. He despises non-humans with the exception of his boss, Myech, who he simply dislikes. If he feels the need to intercede in a bar fight, he will use his flail while using the bar as cover. He generally attacks to kill.

Myech, Proprietor Never seen at the Bastard, except when disguised by magic, Myech is a wizard of unknown origin. He does not resemble any of the peoples of Neyathis, having odd copper-colored skin and almost grotesquely exaggerated facial features. His nose and chin are very long and pointed, and his ears appear more fan-line then round. Few apart from Turl have seen him in his normal form. He actually spends a fair amount of time at the Bastard, lurking in the shadows under various disguised forms. He also uses magic to divert attention - he blends in and is generally unnoticed by any patrons. If he were to be noticed, one can tell that he seems to be waiting for something, or someone. If present when a fight breaks out, he will simply back into one of the walls and magically exit the building until it is over.

Rodenen At a whopping 8' tall, this 'maid' looms over all but her fellow barmaid. This volgotress enjoys her job, especially when it involves her 'bouncer' duties. Usually she fights bare handed, but carries a short-sword-sized dagger within her skirts for those times it is needed. Crude-featured, but not desperately ugly, there have occasionally been those who have attempted to 'get fresh' with her, but these fools invariably end up contributing teeth to the jar. She is fascinated by Ulneth - his grotesque appearance appealing in some way to the ogress. She does, however, hate the Mite and given the chance would squash it.

Sorogotten - 'Soro' At 7'10, she is shorter then Rodenen, but she is at least 100lbs heavier. Less quick to violence, she still performs her job as well as Rodenen. She also reacts with less violence to those who would seek her company and in fact seems to enjoy the attention. Like her fellow barmaid/bouncer, she conceals a dagger in her skirts. If things get really out of hand, they have battleaxes stowed behind the bar.

"Sniviler" Sniviler, though that is not 'his' real name, is a Caretaker, enslaved and transported far from his home city of StoneHolt. He can speak, but is heavily accented and difficult to understand. He is quite neurotic, tasked with cleaning the bar, which is an endless job. He is not actually a He, but a she, and has carefully concealed some eggs in the tavern's basement. Humans are completely unable to discern a male Shagru from a female. What the others have not noticed is that she is slowly transforming to a feral. This is the result of her not being allowed outside, for slavery, even of non-humans, is illegal. Kept too long from sunlight, the transformation is triggered. Another fact, so far unknown by humans, is that the Shagru females can lay viable eggs if isolated from males long enough.

Dreeb and Shater Dreeb and Shater are a pair of tall but otherwise non-descript human 'goons' who generally stay in the back room playing cards. They come out to relieve Turl, help break up unusually rough fights, and otherwise help keep the place running. Both are easily as surly as Turl. Both are also subject to unkind rumors as to their relationship by many of the regulars, though only behind their backs.

"Balor" Balor is a huge war-dog Turl keeps chained nearby the bar, to prevent people from sneaking behind the bar and to keep an nose/ear out for unseen intruders. Originally a fighting dog, Balor retired undefeated. During the weekly dog fights hosted by the bar, Balor needs to be secured with extra chains to avoid him joining in the festivities. Like Rodenen, he would destroy any of Ulneth's mites given the slightest chance.

4.) The Regulars

This scroll is a container to collect the 'Regulars' at the Bastard, who help give this place it's 'character'.

"Monkey Lover" Also called 'Tattoo Face' and similar names by the barkeep, his name actually is Ulneth and he is a Rephatian. He is very far from his homeland and none in the city would recognize a Rephatian if they saw one. He, however, has had every square inch of exposed skin tattooed with hideous, demonic-themed images. His teeth are filed to points and his ears have oversized bone earrings. He wears generic labourers clothing and keeps a iron-studded club close at hand. He has a small, monkey-like creature perched on his shoulder or otherwise very nearby. This is a Mite. It is quite smart and helps watch Ulneth's back. Ulneth actually raises the things in his shabby home, located nearby a local tannery. He occasionally sells them, but uses them primarily as food. It is far less risky then his preferred diet. Ulneth is very standoffish with regards to other people, and openly hates the barkeep. Others wonder why he stays here, but his fearsome appearance and lightning-quick reflexes keeps them from harassing him. Turl the barkeep still openly insults him whenever the mood strikes him. Ulneth simply glares back and bares his sharpened teeth.

Tellisethia the bar fly

In other places, she would not attract a glance, but in the slim pickings at the Bastard she appears a gem. With pale skin, slightly plump figure and greasy brown hair, she still trumps the barmaids who are usually the only other females regularly present. She is skilled at using people and is not useless in a fight. She is probably the fastest of the regulars to draw steel in a fight, and her daggers are coating with a nasty, convulsion-inducing toxin. Not lethal, the poison still causes excruciating pain. She is the ex-lover of Monkshadow, an assassin thought dead, and picked up a few tricks from him, though she has no interest in entering that dangerous vocation. So now she's a bar fly at the Rotten Bastard. Though neither advertise the fact, her and Ulneth are sometimes lovers and allies.

The Greenblades

Taking advantage of the no-go nature of this place, the Greenblades have made this bar their defacto guildhall. Not a large guild, they never appear here in their full numbers but generally are a large enough contingent to avoid trouble, usually from four to six bravos at a time. They own one of Ulneth's Mites that they occasionally use on 'jobs'. The Guildmaster is a rather affable rogue by the name of Geerwuld, deft with both blade and wit.

"Ol'Fish Eye"

This half-mad mountain of a man is known for his odd appearance. His eyelids were removed during torture some years back. Six and a half feet tall, this man is heavily built but a little flabby. Though not part of the Greenblades he occasionally is employed by them as extra muscle. His appearance is generally intimidating and he often does not need to do much more then stare. He never talks about how he lost his eyelids and has a volcanic temper. There are also numerous random topics which become trigger points, though these are not predictable and vary from day to day. It is generally safest not to talk to him and avoid eye contact. When low on money, he will often be found on the street half-begging and half-mugging passers by. He does not wear armor, but carries an overly curved shortsword that almost looks like a sickle.

Belith the Mad

Belith appears as a typical dumb thug. Actually he is stupid and uses this as a ruse. He gets involved in many brawls, and will try to strike at least one person - never a regular, and preferably a loner - with his left fist. He wears a special ring that delivers a small dose of a drug which causes effects similar to intoxication before it finally kills the victim. After a brawl, he will carefully observe his victim, and when they leave, he will soon follow. He intends to rob the victim, and if they survive too long, hasten their demise.

5.) The Irregulars

These personages have been known to vist the Rotten Bastard from time to time, but not so frequently as to be considered Regulars.

Redrick the Stonewizard

This mage has only limited skills, but is a master at working with stone. A tall man but with the build of a ten year old, he only comes to the Bastard accompanied by several body gaurds. He produces durable fixtures for Myech and is one of the few people who have dealt with him directly, but he has not seen his real appearance. Redrick is somewhat mean-spirited, vain and somewhat cowardly.

Gronus Thakwire- Assistant Alchemist, The Crystal Retort

One of Hachnar T' Velstrad's main alchemists, he spends most of his time underground, but occasionally he surfaces to 'relax' and likes to come here. He is prematurely bald, beardless dwarf, and is tough, even for a dwarf.Exceptionally cruel, and murderous, this place is up his alley, with the Tuesday and Sunday activities to his liking. While here he wears a chainmail vest under his cloak, and carries two broad-bladed daggers, each treated with a paralyzing blade venom.

Karl Vasarri

Karl was once a prison guard who worked at the Kayeedian Star of Justice, a massive structure containing all manner of unique cells and execution devices to provide 'appropriate' punishments for criminals. He was going to be himself inprisoned for his 'extra-curricular' activites where he availed himself of The Grinder to kill transients. He managed to escape and is wanted man in his kingdom. He occasionally can be found here, but does not follow any particular pattern, convinced that the Kayeed are still seeking him. Karl is a medium sized, somewhat overweight man, but he is deceptively strong and calculating. He is a serial killer at heart but has not as yet became comfortable enough to resume his 'hobby'.

6. Common Events Common events are minor occurances which are generally random and do not majorly effect the named personages

1. Surprise! A bar fight breaks out between two of the factions that quickly escalates to a bar wide brawl.

2. PC's are approached by one of the rare harlots who occasionally work here.

3. One of the Greenblades decide they don't like how the PCs 'look', and come over in strength to pick a fight, or make them flee the Bastard. Good roleplaying, etc, could defuse the situation and instead win the Greenblades over.

4. Ol Fish Eye erupts in a psychotic rage for no apparent reason, throwing mugs at people and then trying to strangle them. Nothing unusual.

5. One of the PC's is hit on by

1. Soro

2. Rodenen

3. Tellisethia

4. Ol Fish Eye!

6. One of Ulneth's mites attempts to pick-pocket the PCs. If caught and Ulneth confronted, he will disavow knowlage of his mite's actions. Rodenen might take this opportunity to grab the mite and toss him to Balor as a doggie treat. Most patrons will roar with laughter if this happens.

7. Uncommon Events

These events are unlikely to repeat, but do not generally involve a major change at the Bastard - they usually rotate around the irregular patrons who come and go, or events involving completely new personages who are not recurring characters.

Flaming Assassin

Out of the fire place a figure of raging flame emerges. He grabs an irregular patron - setting them alight as it does so, and attempts to drag them into the fireplace. This is an assassination attempt, either made directly by the target's enemy (obviously a caster or in possession of a magical device allowing summoning of elementals), or a hired attack.

Fresh Meat

A small group of young nobles, drunk, enters the bar. The PC's might recognise some of them. The reaction of the bar regulars is likely to give these uppety interlopers a thrashing - or worse. If any of the nobles are slain, then it is possible that the familiy of the deceased may decide to act against the Bastard, even if the town guard are unwilling to do so.

Uncommon Event: The Ride Submitted by Manfred...

Payment is always immediate, everyone knows that. But sometimes it happens, that a visitor pays with shaved coins, or other sort of fake money. If Turl finds out, he is above such petty things as proving the guilt first. The perpetrator is savagely beaten, ridiculed and toyed with for some time, and then gotten rid of. The last time, they pushed the guy into a barrel, rolled it through the entire town, and threw it from the city walls. And that was the Ride, still fondly remembered by those few, that actually were there (one of the few things most visitors will admit to have done, even boast of it).

Major Plots:

The Turning of Snivler

Snivler's transformation completes rather suddenly one evening, and she bursts into lethal violence, tearing the throat from a regular. The patrons had noticed she seemed to be getting larger, but not knowing much about her, were not overly concerned. What makes things more interesting, is that she has been raising a brood of Shagru in a hidden chamber in the basement of the Bastard, and that they are all already nearly full-sized Feral Shagru. The attack is premeditated and the opening shot as her brood burst into the bar and attempt to kill everyone inside. They will use whatever weapons are at hand and a couple bear flasks of lamp oil that they will use as well.

"I knew we should have given him a raise...."

The Rival

The mysterious Myech has a enemy, and he has decided to act against him. This night is exceptionally busy - there are a good number of non-regular patrons here (they are commoners magically ensorcelled to come here - they have been preprogrammed with orders). It is also a rare night that Myech is present, though as always, in desguise. He is expecting to meet someone to conclude some unknown business deal. His enemy learned of these deal, and so arranged tonights festivities. Before entering the bar, the Rival places an enchantment on the exterior of the building - making the walls difficult to move through magically and blocking the few windows. Myech will sense this and will attempt to break the spell - this is the triggering event. The enchanted patrons will as one begin a massive brawl, attacking anyone nearby, preferably strangers (ie. the regulars and staff). The rival will then enter, backed up by additional muscle if desired, and seals the entry behind him. The Rival is quite powerful, and with the staff distracted by the brawl, will be unable to bring him down before he finds and engages Myech in a magical battle. The spells of course are deadly, and the battle between the two mages will cause many fatalties amoung the other occupants - regulars, ensorselled visitors, staff, and possibly PC's. Only though the intervention and assistance of the PCs should Myech be able to win this fight - the Rival is not expecting to deal with hardy adventurers as well - but this should be a costly battle for everyone.

9.) Supporting Information Weekly Schedule

Monday - Shooter's Chance (Trays are laid out with random liquors of all types in shot glasses - some are rather exotic, like Demon Rum. See Fantasy Drinking for ideas.

Tuesday - Bloodsport Night


Thursday -

Friday - Whores Auction (Not for ownership, only for the night)

Saturday -

Sunday - Dog Fight Night Tables are moved back from the center of the room and it is turned into a fighting pit.