What kinds of interesting fantasy beverages do you have in your game? Here's a few of mine:

Lasee: A sludgy, yellow, sweet-tasting beer made from certain tree saps and honey.
Mazte: (Ok, so this one's from Morrowind) A kind of liquor made from blood by the dark elves.

Grog: A thick, green, foamy ale with an incredible alcohol content made from seawater by sailors. Enjoyed by pirates everywhere!

Zulzt: Fine, fruity-tasting champagne known for it's bright green color

Maytai-Bat: The world's most alcoholic liquid, a syrupy, multicolored concoction. Usually served in tiny shot glasses or thimbles.

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Tharn Ale - A very potent dwarven brew that only gets stronger as time passes. Most people suspect that the dwarves include some form of magic in the process, as the ale will, after at least a century, become more potent than any alcoholic beverage should ever possibly become. A five-hundred-year-old keg was once opened; the fumes alone intoxicated all the nondwarves, and a single shot glass left even the hardiest dwarf too drunk to walk. Needless to say, it sells for quite a bit as an explosive.

Gossamer Euphoria - Take pretty much every addictive substance known, shake, and add one silly goose feather (a la Piers Anthony).

One character drank their whole drink in one swallow. He spent the rest of the night swinging from chandalier to chandalier. Thing was, the bar didn't *have* any chandaliers, but they would appear when he reached out for them and dissappear when he let go.

And for the ordinary folk - Ork Piss

The cheapest beer-like brew available, the lowliest pubs, that don't deserve the name sell it. If you need information from these places, be prepared to drink this disgusting liquid.

Light brown to yellow, is reportedly made from anything the brewer has at hand at the moment of 'creative inspiration'.

It is tradition to sell it luke-warm.

Solifite: Semi-Potent close to beer liquid that is more like water than anything. It is so bubbley that one must be carful not to shake the glass or it goes all over. Made from the blood of Yorgs ( Cat like animals).

Nabok: Slighly more potent than Solifite only it is more like a thick suryp can be used in its purest form to heal wounds. Its source is un-known but the drink is sold everywhere.

Darnith: Very potent and highly addictive. The equal to cigaretts. Causes a Sensation of flying in high dosages. Is sold in little bottles and manufacured by the Ion co.

Noroale - Dark brown slightly glowing ale. 170 proof, slightly radioactive. It will either knock the uninitiated out cold for a while or give them a splitting headache. (Stats: The first time someone drinks it, they save vs poison. If they fail the save, they are rendered unconcious for 2d8 hours, if they succeed, they take 1d6 subdual damage (or equivalent).)

This is inspring... the next tavern my PC's walk into will be much more fun now ... and more expensive :)

* Fey wine - served in thinbles, the fey can drink this like dwarves drink normal ale... probably the only stuff elves can drink more of than dwarves Smile

* Halfling brew - bubbles incesintly, will temporaraly up your dex score when you're really really drunk

* Troll grog - mushy stuff you almost have to chew. It makes you halucinate the growth of some extra arms

* Wyrm ale - comes in 5 colors, all of which glow

- red: burns forever, without consuming the ale... be carefull, this actually will burn you if you don't get it down fast enough

- green: evaporates quickly, intoxicating all nearby

- black: blobs of it float about in the air, it's scooped up with a glass and served with a straw. waterwalk while drunk

- white: d3 subduel cold damage, cold resistance 5 while drunk

- blue: shocks your mussles and physically knocks you back

Fatä: For common folk 'bubbly water' a transparant drink with bubbles that has rainbow colours in certain kinds of lights. Made by wizards on the Mara wizard islands. On those islands hardly anyone, except student wizards found worthy enough to study there and some trusted merchants can come. The Fatä comes spouting out of fountains and other taps. Some wizards are addicted to this concontion and can be found sitting in front of the fountain all day singing strange wizardly songs (Think about Pratchett's A wizard's staff has a knob on the end...) or hitting on innocent (or not innocent) female wizards.

The Fatä is taking off the island by the merchants to sell in more common regions, together with all the toys and trendy gadgets the wizards make in exchange for food from the merchants. (They make floating feet, a kind of Back to the future skateboard, bows for in ladies' hair that tie themselves, wonderful mechanical birds that seem alive and candy sticks that change colour all the time!).

Old Garthamd's Black

A common blackish-coloured ale, with a bitter taste. It contains a few special herbal ingredients that were supposed to replace others, and make it cheaper.

While not potent itself, it does create potency... the drinker will soon feel stimulated, and have a stronge desire for the opposite sex. Of course, the more was drunken, the stronger the effect! The ale is sometimes expensively sold by apothecaries, but is still served in certain pubs to prospective victims ('I know some nice ladies that would love to meet you...').

There are many stories about Old Garthamd, by the way.

Provino Old Reserve

The finest wine sold by the famous vinyards of the Arcturan house of Provino. It is made from only the finest, sweetest black grapes, harvested just after sunrise on the traditional first day of winter, the 16th Day of the Month of Renediae (Redfall/Fallmonth). These grapes are then aged in cases of oak, then cyprus, then olive, then several citrus woods, each case for up to four years. Afterward, the wine is removed and a secret blend of spices is added. The Reserve is then allowed to age for three years in a barrel made from the Holy Wood of the Silvertrees of Lunala. There is only one Silverwood barrel, and it is over six-hundred years old. It is irreplaceable. Provino Old Reserve is sold only in secret back-room deals with the highest men of House Provino, and only at prices so horrendous, so staggering, that it is said that the deep pockets of Aelorio the Imperial Sorceror himself couldn't purchase but a small barrel.

Juniper Spirits

Juniper spirits are commonly associated with elves, as they are the among the few with the patience, and lifespans, to brew the liquor. This beverage is a distillation of juices extraced from juniper berries that has been first fermented. The resultant raw alcohol is given a blend of no fewer than ninteen herbs, and spices. It is allowed to ferment through a second cycle, and distilled a second time.

The slurry, or left over mass of pulped berries, and physical remnants of the herbs and spices are chopped into fine mulch, dried, and made into incense. The elves make a small profit of selling this incense to human tourists.

The double distilled liquor is bottled, and left to mature. In elven fashion this could be as long as 50 years, or more. The resultant liquor is mellow, dry, and smooth, making for easy drinking. As such, it is popular among elves, and those who are wealthy enough to afford it.

Humans have attempted to copy this liquor, but only with minor success, we call it Gin.


This is a cider made of withered apples, and what fermented juice can be squeezed from their flesh. It can sometimes be accompanied by the squeezings of other fruit remnants, or the juice of some plants, such as potatoes or carrots. The resultant mixture is usually sweetened, or blended with either raw spirits, or strongly brewed coffee or tea to attempt to mask the sometimes foul flavor. Scrumpy is a drink savored by beggars, and the destitute, and sometimes by adventurers on the downside of their luck.

Bloody Spirits

This is an uncommon, and unappealing beverage. It is brewed by orcs alone, and is made from honey boiled with lemon, or some other strong citrus fruit juice, and blood. The mixture is later blended with raw spirits for alcohol content. Only blooded warriors, and leaders are allowed to drink the Bloody Spirits, and then only after the holy men of the tribe bless the vessels of fermented blood-liquor.

Dragon Cordial

This cordial is distilled from a number of herbs, the foremost being Dragon's Blood, an herb derived from the bark of a tree. This is actually real, and smells pleasant as an incense, if you can find it. The cordial has a robust, woody flavor, often underscored with a hint of barley and copper. Like all cordials, it is very sweet, and on the thick side.

Muellin Wine

Derived from boiled muellin powder, anise, and sugar, this wine is very pale, and has a crisp woody/herbal flavor filled out with the more lingering taste of anise, or licorice. Often passed off as Elven Wine in places where people dont know any better.

The best coffee in Midian is grown in the Heldannic Confederation, with Formourian coffee being the most commonly brewed, as much for its greatly reduced cost as for its ready availability. Due to the cold climate, there are few places in the Confederation where coffee can be grown in sufficient quantities. Mostly this is around active volcanoes, which only serves to increase its cost.

Dwarven brandy is quickly gaining in popularity throughout the world, also from the Heldannic Confederation. The Dwarves also consider their beer to be the absolute greatest, but they usually think this about all things Dwarven.

Tea is the drink of choice in the Killian Empire. Unlike the proper tea common to Formour & Byzant, Killian tea is brewed from a small range of varieties. It is uniformly clear, bitter, potently caffinated, and served at only a scant few degrees below boiling. It's enough to get a cold-blooded Killian (they are a reptilian people) out of a frosty morning daze & on her way to work with a toothy grin & a pulse of 190+. In other words, they could sell 'nickel bags' of the stuff on the streets...

Elven wine is an export of three different Great Houses. It is typically a red blend (only one House makes a white, and even it does not sell as much), with floral, herbal, and fruity overtures & bouquet. It is light and sweet tasting, with very little tannins for a red blend. It is rumoured that the wines are in fact flavoured with various fruits & flowers, but the Elves aren't revealing any secrets to outsiders. It is a common enough drink for Elves outside of their Homeland, but gained greatly in popularity after the Elves reopened their borders. Prior to that event, the already limited quantities of the stuff dwindled dramatically, and prices increased accordingly. With the reopening of the Elven Homeland's borders, sales increased sharply, but at still somewhat inflated prices. It is favoured by some Humans under the rather faulty premise of 'everything Elven is better.' It is often given to Elven visitors by foreign hosts, not realising that this is the same wine that is commonplace back home to them, and that the most common reason for Elves to travel is to seek new experiences.

It can be said of the 'capriola' of the Hobgoblins is an acquired taste. It can also be accurately said that one who enjoys capriola has no taste. This thick--sometimes clumpy--alcoholic drink is brewed from fermented goats' milk. There is a variety of ways to brew it, each resulting in different textures, level of alcohol, and taste (all of them bad). These range from lazy-lambic styles--let it sit out & hope for the best, to multiple distillation similar to creating vodka. It is as foul tasting as one would imagine alcoholic & soured goats' milk to be, but is enjoyed by Goblin & Hobgoblin alike, especially the latter. It has often been wondered if Hobgoblins really enjoy the stuff, or if they simply drink it to proove their courage. Then again, perhaps the strategy is to stay intoxicated--after enough drinks, you no longer care that you are drinking fermented goats' milk.

From Memory Alpha, the free Star Trek reference. http://www.memory-alpha.org/en/wiki/Main_Page

Romulan ale is a highly intoxicating alcoholic beverage of Romulan origin with a characteristic pale blue color. Although it has been illegal in the Federation from at least the 2280s to the late 2370s, in actual practice the majority of Starfleet officers had sampled it at one point or another. A rare exception was Admiral William Ross.

Captain James T. Kirk was able to procure some for his crew, and served it at a state dinner with Gorkon in 2293. When pressed by one of the Klingons on its illegality, he wryly noted it was, 'one of the advantages of being a thousand light-years from Federation headquarters.' (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country)

Romulan ale is even a challenge for species as stout as the Klingons, who are more than usually resistant to the effects of alcohol. After drinking a sizable amount of Romulan ale in celebration of William Riker and Deanna Troi's wedding in 2379, Worf stated, 'Romulan ale should be illegal', to which Geordi La Forge replied, 'It is.' (Star Trek: Nemesis)

There was a brief period during the Dominion War when the ban on Romulan ale was lifted, due to the alliance between the Federation and the Romulans. However, as of 2379, the embargo appears to have been reinstated.

375 ml Bacardi ® 151 rum

375 ml Everclear ® alcohol

375 ml Blue Curacao liqueur

Combine ingredients in a (just over) one-liter bottle. Chill in freezer for two hours. Serve in shot glasses.

This is done in shots because the average human cannot stand up to a tall cool glass of Romulan ale.

Klah To an Earthworlder, this drink has a coffee chocolate taste. It provides a caffine buzz (and since it is often served with honey... a sugar buzz as well). It is normally served in ceramic mugs. This product is mostly the product of Amarian Farmers (who strangely enough do not drink Klah, just each Klah candies and baked goods). Mostly this is the City Drink of Antioch.

Klah berry bushes are a finicky plant to grown. The small berries (1.1cm) and (huge) pits (1 cm) are crushed into a soft paste. The oils are saved for other confectionary applications. The paste, once dried, is then ground to a fine powder and kept in air tight tins or waxcloth bags.

This powder can be added straight to hot water (though in honesty, it is usually with a touch of honey or beet sugar), or hot milk (with honey mostly for children) or a mix of hot water and milk (usually with honey/ sugar and other spice). A person's preference for Klah can be an unique as their fingerprints.

While Klah can be made at home, most people get it from a favorite "cart" or foodshop.

Tea is same as terrestrial tea. It comes in the same varieties and levels found on Earth. It is a prime product of SecondLand and they have imported the drink to FirstLand and everywhere else in the Known World.

Mrashpak tea - Mrashpak Tea is a strong, bittersweet, tea-like beverage brewed with the leaves of the mrashpak plant (which, on their own, are mildly poisonous and unpleasant to taste). The tea is renowned throughout the land as the 'Heavenly Beverage of Wakefulness' (it has about 1.5 times the caffeine in coffee), and many city watch stations brew mrashpak tea and distribute it to sentries through runner services. (Some city watches also gain extra capital through selling bowls of tea to tired civilians.)

Toejuice is not a drink for the faint of heart or stomach. A thick drink, it is brewed in a fashion similar to mead. During the fermentation process, various fungi are added to the mixture and ferment themselves. The results vary according to what fungi are added when; being a folk drink from varying parts, there is no one recipe. As such, one is advised to be cautious in selecting a brewer to purchase from: using the wrong fungi can result in bad trips, severe illness, or death.

Though the myriad communities that manufacture toejuice disagree, the beverage was probably discovered by the woodsmen of Andrelil Forest. Rain almost constantly falls in Andrelil, creating a rich diversity of fungi. The namesake of toejuice likely comes from the fact that the most popular fungi used is found growing from the bottom of trees where it is easily trod upon by passerby.

These are a few I commonly use :

Leaping Raven amber blush wine

There is a raven's feather in every bottle. It is custom for whom ever finishes the bottle to wear the feather in their hat (it is said to bring good luck and protection).

Flirting Butterfly sherry

Don't be decieved by the name, this evlen made drink is quite potent. Has the effect of turning a non-elf drinker into a shameless flirt. The results of this are usually worse than the hangover.

Traveling Jack cherry ale

It is said that Jack was a cordial and polite fellow who travelled the land sharing story and song at any inn who welcomed him. His news and rhyme entertained rural folk along the way for many years. Upon news of his death after some twenty years of traveling, innkeeps started serving this ale in honor of his memory, as his dear sister made mention of it on more than one occasion. Every inn has a slightly different flavor, but the innkeep will assure you that Traveling Jack liked it just fine. Some people say if you discuss far away lands while drinking this brew well into the night, you will be overcome by a wander lust by morning.

Thirsty Sword ale

A common find, this ale is a favorite of armsmen and common men alike. Affordable, decent flavor, and 'fortifies the body' describes this ale best, as it tends to slightly numb the nerves without blurring the mind.

Ancient Flagon mead

This is a musty, dark ale of unknown origin, although it seems to be spreading from inn to tavern quite quickly. An aquired taste to some, this ale holds as of yet unknown properties...

Two Rivers wormwood ale

An excellent, and cheaper, alternative for those who enjoy absinthe but not an empty coffer. The name is derived from the effect this ale had on the brewer, who lived quite near a slow moving river. Some priestts and poets believe it to grant visions of pure truth, or they may just be hallucinating...

More to come shortly!

Jolly Boar stout

Mostly various berries and herbs are used in making this stout. It is dark, thick and heavy, with a slightly sweet aroma. It is a favorite of woodsman, dwarves, and some wild elves. Of the herbs used damiana, valerian, juniper berries, wormwood, dragon's blood, and cinnamon seem to be in highest concentration.

Dancing Barmaid honey ale

The Dancing Barmaid was a once famous tavern, made so by the cabaret-like show the barmaid would perform nightly. This honey ale was originally brewed by the owner. He traded many a brewer the recipe at a high price, but it proved worth it. Favored by kings and common folk alike this ale is a staple in most inns and taverns.

Black Flask rum

Dark, warm, and smooth. This spiced rum is a favorite in many a port. It's almost black color gives it the name. It is cheap in port cities, but almost unheard of elsewhere.

Of all the spirits, this one has the worst reputation among the common man. Thought to blacken the heart more and more with every sip, most dare not drink it. You are certain to find the silence in the tavern unnerving once you've ordered this. (This is an urban legend. The rum is usually found in port cities, in the taverns frequented by sailing men. A black-hearted pirate story was inevitable.)

'Dark Alley' grain spirits

These bottles bear no label, nor a name for the contents. It burns the throat only mildly when quaffed, but if splashed in the eyes it causes burning and temporary blindness. (It got its name from the thieves who use it to blind their victims, usually coaxing or dragging them into a dark alley.) It is also highly volitile, and used by a few industrious thieves. It burns very hot and reacts like oil to water.

Sold only in the most questionable of establishments, this spirit is frowned upon by local governments. The distribution network and process of distilling these spirits is guarded fiercely by its makers, the deep gnomes.

Vassago's Spirit's

This tepid green liquor is brewed exclusively in the skull of the dragon-lord Vassago Greenscales. The exact mixture is a closely held secret, and the liquor itself is one of the most expensive that can be found. Drinking it can grant the inbiber longer years of life, the ability to see in the dark, and the ability to sort odors in the fashion of a bloodhound. The downsides include the massive cost of the drink and that these abilities last only as long as the imbiber is drunk on the spirit, save the longevity.


Lovers have often shared a cup of this sweet-tart pomegranate mead in the hope of benefitting from its unique properties. Many have found only sadness in their cup. When shared by two people who are truly in love Persephone's Bane ensures that they will be bound together for all time. If they should attempt to part, or circumstance should seek to devide them, they will inevitably be drawn back to each other. Should one lover be false, it will set them on a quest to regain their real true love at any cost. The true lover who is left behind will seek to reclaim his love with the same fervor. Even death can not break the bond.

Naja Milk Wine

Harvested from freshly hatched baby cobras the poison is allowed to ferment for 3 seasons in a special breed of yeast found only in Stygia. After the fermentation period the wine is moved to a granite cask and allowed to age for a minimum of 4 years. Served chilled, this wine possesses a boquet unmatched by any fruit based wine.