Inspiration for this scroll came after reading The Golden Fiddle by Charlie mean Cheka. Not much more to say really. Thought this would be a fun brainstorming challenge! (or not we'll see :D)

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End of the Road: (Inspired by They Might Be Giant's 'End of the Tour')

Not three miles off the great rock coast lies an unexplained phenomena. Known as 'The end of the road,' it has become a site of great interest and fear in recent years. The title is somewhat of a misnomer, as no one can really tell whether the road is beggining or ending, instead being a mysterious, five meter long section of cobbled road, complete with the wear of carrige wheels. Many claim to have seen missing sections of road of about the same size elsewhere, and some even go as far as saying they have seen carriges along the road, then drop off passengers, though all reports remain uncomfirmed. The onlything known is that the road suddenly appeared there overnight, roughly three years ago. The one man known to be walking in the area, and therefore a possible witness of the events, has gone missing, many claim he drives an infernal carrige across the road on the anniversary of it's birth.

(Seeing as how this is a scroll I'm not going to go into 'The truth,' I'll leave that up to you)