Adjella is quite easy to look at. She has a lovely smile, sparkling eyes, and long, shiny brunette hair. Her wavy hair frames her large eyes and heart shaped face perfectly. She dresses appropriately for her station.

It seems easy to fall in love with her. She is lively, animated, intelligent, and lovely.

On Faire's Night, she will often wear a deep blue/ purple dress with star like sparkles.

She is the second child of the Lord of Desorian, a moderate sized fief in the southern regions of the Kingdom. Her life is fairly typical, if the life of a middle ranked noble girl could be considered typical. While not spoiled, she was endulged.

She has always loved the Night Faire. Being born on the Night Faire, she has always felt a special connection to it. It was her favorite holiday growing up and still is. She looks forward to it every year. She has always helped the Grand Lady Desorian (her mother) plan the Night Faire each year. The Faire has grown to quite a spectacle for such a tucked away fief.

Over the years, and still today, she has tried to get her Father to declare a three night Faire, but so far he is resistant. It is just not the traditional way he says; But is something done in other places, she will retort.

For some background, her father is not well thought of at Court due to some personal conflicts, so she has never attended it. He is content to run the vineyards and farms of his fief until the end of his days. Thus she has never been introduced to "proper society" properly. This is the reason she has yet to be bethrothed. To be honest, no one of rank has come to court her yet; though many a young man of lesser rank have tripped over themselves to court her. That suits her most days, though she occassionally stares out the window and wishes for a proper suitor.

One thing that sperates her from many, is that she believes she has The Gift (magic). She can see things and can see the future. Mostly this is delusion of hers, as she was "tested" by a wandering magicker and found without powers. But she strongly believes in her "gift".

She has magic. She has worked it. She is sure of one thing, she is most magical on the most magical of times, during the Night Faire. This is true, as she manages to perform "wishcraft" during the Night Faire. The night seems to obey her.

Special Equipment
None, other than a wealth, charisma, and beauty.

Powers/ Abilities
The Princess does have a touch of Magic, but only has it when around other magical things. So on a magical night, she has magic appropriate to that night. If around magical beasts, she would have magic appropriate to that beast (healing for a unicorn, magic senses and claws for a dire beasts, flight and fire magic near a dragon). The same would be true if she was around a fairy or fey. If near a wizard, she will have those powers (but not the skills). Of course the more powerful the magical source, the more powerful her reflective powers would be.

Since her father's fief is a bit out of the way and in a lower mana flow area, few magical beings come here.

The power of the Night Faire is strong within her. She has a bit of illusion, charm (influence minds), and spirit sight. The more magical and grand the faire, the more special she is (and the stronger her wishcraft). She makes sure that the faire is as big and as grand as possible.

Every night of the Faire she does what she can to enhance the Night Faire and endulge her own sense of fun. She likes to be in charge and be in charge of others.
*She will sometimes tinker with the lives and relationships on that night. Things will occur that will bring people together or take them apart.
*she will test the worthiness of a suitor.
*People who have been mean might find themselves "cut away" from the crowd and tormented by spirits or frightened by some event (all in their mind).
*People will see the "dance of fairy flies" that added to the wonderment.
*She will sometimes just prank people because it is fun.

During the last Night Faire, she did enough things that people truly thought the night was "odd". Some were delighted; but others were frightened (and not just those that were tormented and taught a lesson). This is making people uneasy about the upcoming faire.

Scenario Events
While the characters can met this lovely young girl at other times (and there are things to be said for foreshadowing), she is only a "scenario" on the night of the Night Faire.

*Players could be here escorting a magical item. This could augment her powers.
*...Now if they were holding an artifact they didn't realize that was magical.
*...Now it could be used to detect the Evil Minion and his own magics. The players on the trail.

*Someone from court could be here at the time time of the Faire.
*... She could take revenge for her father.
*... They could have three daughters that she dislikes because they have been snubbing her as a country bumpkin.
*... She might be able to convince them, after an educational incident, to embrace her father. (Arrange a threat that her father can conviently defeat).

*There could be an "arranged" marriage with a suitor she is less fond of. She has a dislike for them. Will he survive the night?

*What if the players are here to check out the "burial mounds"/ dungeon that have been opened. It could infect the area with an aura of evil. This would effect her.

*Dalme The Tinker could be in town. That would be a complication. He might try to use the power, or he could be a victim of it as well (after he juices her up some).

*The events on a night will be interesting, but if you want them to "get out of hand", have someone knock down a salt barrel/ break the line of salt. Thus "negative spirits" might join the affair... effecting Adjella's wishcraft.

*Oh and if the fair goes for three nights (and can't be cancelled because of Important Visitors and the potential embarrassment), the fun continues.

Roleplaying Notes
Fun, Flirty, Mischievous. She will always meet her duty, but she is not always happy about it.

She loves to be in charge.

She is always a bit of fun, but on the Night of the Faire she is in her element.

The song inspires her personality, thus is actually roleplay notes.
The Cars » Let's Go

She's driving away with the dim lights on
She's making a play and she can't go wrong
She never waits too long
She's winding them down on her clock machine
And she won't give up 'cause she's seventeen
She's a frozen fire
She's my one desire
And I don't want to hold her down
Don't want to break her crown
When she says, let's go
I like the nightlife baby
She says, let's go

She's laughing inside 'cause they can't refuse
She's so beautiful now, she doesn't wear her shoes
She doesn't like to choose
She's got wonderful eyes and a risque mouth
And when I ask her before, she said she's holding out
She's a frozen fire
She's my one desire

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