Human/ Female/ 19
Amya is different than most of the people around here. Her hair is long, wavy, a light amber color with sun kissed highlights. Her eyes are large and dark, dark brown. Her skin is almost too fair, so she is always wearing a huge hat. She has the same hooked nose that her family has, though on her it looks cute rather than hawklike.

Her family came this was as refugees. They were running away from the great troubles in their homeland. The Miller here took them in, given that her father was a miller. Her father took over when the Old Man died.

The locals, like most small town people, who like knowing 'whos people' a given person is, did not like the New Miller with his strange accent and ways.

The local girls had taken to teasing Amya for her odd accent, strange name, and odd (for the local area) words. Even Jessius befriending her, and occasionally defending her and her brother from the taunts and torments of others, only blunted what other children did to her. (The local good looking girl found her a threat to her own power and her own designs on Jessius, so she used her popularity as a weapon against her).

Still life went on. Things got a little better. Childish things went away. The snubs and issues fell mostly to the wayside as life continued. She was still isolated from most of her peers because she was different, but they somewhat accepted her over time.

Then, the impossible happened. Jessius said he loved her. Those three words washed away years of bitterness and loneliness.

Special Equipment

Roleplaying Notes
Its pronounced Ah mai ya, not the correct pronunciation amy-ah. She is constantly correcting people around here (most of which are doing it on purpose).

She is defensive. Most people do not like her and her 'outsider' family.

She will be guardedly friendly towards any strangers. If the locals show dislike towards you (and you are not OBVIOUSLY EVIL or DANGEROUS), she will treat you like a close friend.

She loves Jessius more than life itself. She even thinks Jefficus is funny and likes him like a brother.

Her history is fairly fluid, if you change Jessius's situation, you should adapt hers to fit.

You must read Jessius and Jefficus post to fully understand this situation.

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